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remove background from a signal in MATLAB

remove background from a signal in MATLABuse this code to remove background from a signal (video or set of images ) to detect the obvious that is foregroundthis package contains 3 files (.m ) and one image...

Computer-Aided Detection in Screening CT for Pulmonary Nodules

Computer-Aided Detection in Screening CT for Pulmonary Nodules sinusoidal AC circuit computer-aided analysis of the theory and implementation process. Analysis using nodal analysis method. Used to bring a two-path components of a definition of the concept of this approach in network analys...

Network socket programming

This is a network socket programming, using UDP with asynchronous communications to achieve, this program is available for staff to learn socket programming reference. It is used of the most basic things. So to the learning....

UDP-based MFC programming environment

UDP MFC includes the server and the client, This experimental design are: design a program, implement chat feature requires client-side and server-side. Clients can implement a message input and send and receive messages, connect to the server with basic functions such as disconnecting; server s...

Client, server, chat programs

Completes the logon, group chat, private chat, exiting the room, view function room members.1. create a socket, and establish a connection with the server;2. users log on the client, the server adds a member to the chat room;3. After entering the chat room, create a multithreaded client a, room memb...

An Asynchronous HTTP Request WinINet Wrapper in C++

WinINet makes network programming easier, but it's difficult to use for C++ because of its C-style interface, so I write this code to wrap it. Using it, you can easily create an asynchronous HTTP request and receive event callback. It can be applied to MFC and ATL projects. Thi...

TraceRoute for XE7

DDU ICMP controls consist of 3 controls : TDDUOSPING - A non blocking PING protocolTDDUOSTRACEROUTE - A non blocking TraceRoute ProtocolTDDUOSDNS - A non blocking ARP/RARP controlAbout TDDUOSDNS :Host names are resolved to IP addresses, and IP address can be resolved to host names. If you enter an I...

HTTP tunnel lcx

In lcx source based on the improvement, http tunneling code is pcshare buckle inside out, mainly to complete the change is -listen and -slave piece, -trans because not used, so there is no change....

ASP to restart the server and PING functions

Application backgroundTo restart or shut down the remote server in ASP, components and Ping functions, can be achieved from domain name to IP conversion!  ...

Based on Socket packaging General API

General API based on Socket packaging, support the TCP client and TCP service port, UDP client, UDP server. Application development of derived classes are designed to contain TSocket.h, reference TCPUDPAPI.lib,TCPUDPAPI.dll in the application directory....

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