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Asynchronous network communication

Expression of simple Socket asynchronous process with the most basic and preliminary contacts for readers of network traffic, badly written, have problems contact me....

Test wpcap

Wpcap wpcap,vs2010 for testing and the use of simple and practical tool before using the modified code needed to configure the Windows environment you need to install wpcap, and need to introduce wpcap in the wpcap package in vs2010 specific configuration details of the lib and header files you can...

IOCP network architecture model source code

Application backgroundIOCP full name Completion Port I/O, Chinese translation for the completion of the I/O port. IOCP is an asynchronous API I/O, which can efficiently notify the application of the I/O event. With the use of select () or other asynchronous methods, a socket socket] is associated wi...

Instant chat software

Application backgroundThis is written in C++, based on UDP remote chat software, support for single private chat, multi group chat, as well as server radio and other basic functions, can be used for reference for beginners to learn.Key TechnologyThe program to C++ programming language, using MFC as...

Chat Engineering

Application backgroundDo a simulation of the chat program, in a machine the data transmission between the two dialog box, the first run ChatSev, and then run the ChatClt. In the IP box, you can enter the IP address! A bit low, but it can be used as a beginner's experience....

[original][c++][winsock] simple message, file network transfer example program [client-server]

Application backgroundA simple network transfer example programControl file transfer by client terminal input commandUse = = = = = = = =Set server end:Can be input port number serverServer to open the portClient terminal:Input IP port and number serverConnection can start to transferInput HELP can v...

Socket chat

Application backgroundUsing socket prepared chat program Windows  socket and socket basic concept set interface, is a point to handle transport provider. Win32, the interface is different from the file descriptor, so it is an independent type - Socket....


将一个exe可执行文件设置为开机自启动项,通过修改注册表的Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run项进行设置, 可执行文件在系统路径下  GetSystemDirectory(pFileName,MAX_PATH); //取系统路径 strcat(pFileName,"\\injectdll.exe"); &...

Socket programming

Various socket calls!! Mainly a network socket calls, including incoming and outgoing! Include TCP and UDP network protocols!...

Personalize desktop settings

Using the c++ programming language, through changes to the computer's registry, set personalized for your Windows desktop. This program can be used to learn c++ language registry methods will be helpful for beginners....


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