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UDT Nat Implement a simple traverse

This simple example implements two network client(Behind the NAT) through the public network server to help build a P2P connection.Then the Server must have a public network IP, and the client support NAT architecture there are limits, not all types of support, such as symmetric type....

Simple H264 demo

The ability to send H264 files through a network of personal learning not much is sent to the above to learn.Thank you for your attention....

Personalize desktop settings

Using the c++ programming language, through changes to the computer's registry, set personalized for your Windows desktop. This program can be used to learn c++ language registry methods will be helpful for beginners....

VC for message sending

Implemented with Microsoft VC in the Virtual Studio General mailing, and on that basis can yield many examples of mailing, we want to help. Thank you...

Exclusive Notepad

This procedure is completed in the visual studio 2010, is relatively simple. The main achievement of Notepad some basic functions, including general open, create, save, copy, paste, select all, delete functions. Right above functions can be realized....

VC++ client

VC++ client programming for beginners, using socket (), bind (), listen () and accept (), send (), REC () function description...

A winsock base implemented by select mode with mysql operation integrated

A winsock base implemented by select mode. MySQL operation integrated. Also include some parse method for TCP/IP frames. It can be uesd in server side to parse and transfer customized frames based on TCP/IP protocol....


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