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The Ultrasound Elastography

The matlab code will help you translate a RF data into a elastograpy data. The algorithm is developed by myself, and it's proved to be fast and good. The code also contain some different type algoritm which is somehow similar with the main algorithm. There is also some result in my zip....

PSO-BP neural network algorithm

Particle Swarm Optimization, also known as Particle Swarm Optimization (Particle Swarm Optimization, PSO), by J. Kennedy, R. C. Eberhart in 1995 to develop a kind of evolutionary computing, and based on a simplified model of social simulation. Where "Group (swarm)" originates from the PSO...

Handwritten numeral recognition based on SVM code

In this file, StdPictureAndGenerateSVM function is used to create SVM classifilier ,  while SvmNumIdentify function is used to recognize ....

Diffusion Equation Matlab

There are two examples to solve diffusion equation in Matlab. One example is for one dimensional diffusion equation and the other example is for two dimensional equation. The animations of the diffusion processes in one dimensional and two dimensional cases are plotted and displayed during calc...

A missile trajectory simulation

To the missile launching initial, turning, as well as one or two-level separation study conducted six degree ballistic simulation...

Topology to create vanet scenario

using to create vanet topologyif you want to simulate, it is useful....

QoS multicast routing problem based on Ant Colony algorithm MATLAB source code

QoS Network routing and multicast routing is important project studies in computational intelligence, where the QoS Constraint contains common delay, jitter, bandwidth, and packet loss rate, optimization of minimum cost multicast tree, this issue has proved to be NP Complete problems, conventional a...

Compressed sensing image processing code SP/MP/OMP/SAMP also has a new algorithm

On combining perceptual image processing code SP/MP/OMP/SAMP compares these reconfiguration  reconfiguration algorithm errors...

Speech recognition based on hmm

I have written the speech recognition program- Based on Hidden Markov Model Speech Recognition...

Bayesian network MATLAB BNT

This is a MATLAB-based Bayesian Network tool kit, provides a number of lower-level functions, Bayesian learning and Bayesian inference. Based on Bayesian network classifier can achieve a variety of. The Toolkit for more comprehensive content....

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