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MATLAB video tracking

Single Gaussian background modeling  Multi-Gaussian model to detect moving targets  Motion Detection  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  More than three folders. Accompanying video data to achieve the goal of detecting image for target tracking to do next, laying the...

LTE link simulation code

LTE link simulation codes, so completely that understanding of LTE has a lot of help....

MATLAB image retrieval based on content

All MATLAB source code is about content-based image retrieval, CIBR, method is to extract color information retrieval more efficient, including interface design, while also including image gallery...

Mfcc and Gmm speaker recognition

Go.m program. This algorithm is based on Mfcc and Gmm speaker recognition, in the test folder of voice data from the laboratory of Valley of the Yun-Chen, Liang Jianjuan, Hu Yegang, Xiong Ke, Yan Xiaoyun's real voice. Portion of the program uses a Taiwan SAR and DCPR Toolkit prepared by Mr Zhang Z...

Image mosaic method based on MATLAB

1. Using matlab realize the images together.2. The code runtime environment for matlab2009a implementation.3. The procedure for the m-file, the input image is: r_image1, r_image2, r_image3, r_image44. The input image is: r_image1, r_image2, r_image3, r_image4 image mosaic image A....


this is code for particle swarm optimization with is can be use with matlab 7.0 ...

Image segmentation using Clustering (K-mean) classification algorithm

This source code is to acquire texture features of different regions on an image based on image texture analysis, then perform image segmentation according to these texture features using clustering (K-mean) classification algorithm.Since the effect of the co-occurrence matrix method is not good, th...

Optical flow method

This is the contrast test of the optical flow method, which relates to the comparison of the classical optical flow method and the improved optical flow method. This test is based on the published paper in CVPR 2010. You can also run the demo program estimate_flow_demo.m and follow it to t...

Blood vessels segmentation

The appearance and structure of blood vessels in retinal images play an important role in diagnosis of eye diseases. This paper proposes a method for segmentation of blood vessels in color retinal images. We present a method that uses 2-D Gabor wavelet to enhance the vascular pattern. We locate and...

Face recognition based on LBP

Yale face in open source databases, implement face recognition, whole program by LBP (local binary patterns) of facial local feature extraction, K_-neighbor algorithm using facial feature vector classification. Recognition rate of the whole system around 90%, the effect is very good....

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