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Saliency detection model based on wavelet low-frequency sub-bands

This is the source code of paper "A Saliency Detection Model Using Low-Level Features Based on Wavelet Transform" . It runs very well. The effect of the saliency map detected using wavelet saliency detection is very good....


this code is for matlab simulation of cognitive femtocells, including the path loss computing, interference computing and cognitive femtocell's power allocation and so on....

Mathematical modeling algorithm (30 algorithm Matlab)

Application backgroundThe mathematical modeling algorithm (combined with MATLAB instance) of a total of 799 pages, read the differential equation, time series, intelligent algorithm related to several chapters, feeling very much, thank the author. Pdf is very clear, the code can be copied directly,...

Human abnormal behavior recognition based on video in matlab_

Application backgroundMatlab_ video based human abnormal behavior recognition   from the CSDN forum, hoping to help everyone, but also hope to have a problem to discuss....

MATLAB image retrieval based on content

All MATLAB source code is about content-based image retrieval, CIBR, method is to extract color information retrieval more efficient, including interface design, while also including image gallery...

LDPC decoding algorithm

Program the whole process of decoding algorithm for LDPC codes and decoding algorithm has three, namely BP algorithm, LLR-BP algorithm for min-sum algorithm, channel for the Gaussian white noise channel, give beginners many help....

MATLAB video tracking

Single Gaussian background modeling  Multi-Gaussian model to detect moving targets  Motion Detection  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  More than three folders. Accompanying video data to achieve the goal of detecting image for target tracking to do next, laying the...

Image Denoising matlab

Image Denoising matlab programming source. I own programming -...

MATLAB mobile model

MATLAB simulation of random direction model, random waypoint model, gaosimaerkefu model, a random walk model CV model...

比例公平调度算法, matlab, 资源分配 ,吞吐量 ,公平性, 其它指标

30subchannels %frame duration is 5ms %11slots for dl scheduling %suppose every user has 5 rtps, the pk size ~uniform(0.12k,0.24k)bytes. %every pk wait max time ~uniform(3,5)frames. snr ~rayleigh.  t_c = 0.0002058; %one symbol duration t_frame = 0.005; %frame duration %time constant for P...

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