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Vehicle Detection

I am a student of final year of computer engineering and I chose to work with image processing using Matlab, in my completion of course work. Basically I intend to do the counting and the division of vehicles (car, bus, truck and motorcycle) in a street using a video camera. I'm working based on c...

LS-SVM, prediction of time series

On time series forecasting using lssvm, code debugging, part a of the annex data, other data, depending on their situation. Code is divided into several modules, including reading data, model initialization, data normalization, cross-validation, model training, prediction and data normalization, equ...

MATLAB visible light communication

Includes indoor visible light communication procedures, indoor optical modulation, demodulation, encode, decode, LED interior space distribution corresponding to the SNR and BER analysis. Noise analysis of model indoor visible light communication....

Traffic sign detection

Application backgroundTraffic signs occupy an important position in road traffic system, the main role is to show the current road traffic conditions, the driver in front of the road in the environment of danger and difficulty, warning the driver at the speed of driving, special sections of the left...



LTE link simulation code

LTE link simulation codes, so completely that understanding of LTE has a lot of help....

Matlab+Verilog implementation of LDPC decoding algorithm

Matlab implementation of minimum and LDPC decoding algorithm Verilog implementation of MATLAB algorithms and have been decoded correctly. Absolute originality!...

Mfcc and Gmm speaker recognition

Go.m program. This algorithm is based on Mfcc and Gmm speaker recognition, in the test folder of voice data from the laboratory of Valley of the Yun-Chen, Liang Jianjuan, Hu Yegang, Xiong Ke, Yan Xiaoyun's real voice. Portion of the program uses a Taiwan SAR and DCPR Toolkit prepared by Mr Zhang Z...

vehicle routing problem

Here is the code for VRP problem and the algorithmsGuidance :1. Extract and Copy all files (4 files) to matlab default folder2. I have a VRP problem for example here (25 customer), for example ifyou have vehicle capacity 100, so try to Run at command windows :    Main(Problem25,100)3. Of c...

Image mosaic method based on MATLAB

1. Using matlab realize the images together.2. The code runtime environment for matlab2009a implementation.3. The procedure for the m-file, the input image is: r_image1, r_image2, r_image3, r_image44. The input image is: r_image1, r_image2, r_image3, r_image4 image mosaic image A....

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