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Image segmentation using Clustering (K-mean) classification algorithm

This source code is to acquire texture features of different regions on an image based on image texture analysis, then perform image segmentation according to these texture features using clustering (K-mean) classification algorithm.Since the effect of the co-occurrence matrix method is not good, th...

Optical flow method

This is the contrast test of the optical flow method, which relates to the comparison of the classical optical flow method and the improved optical flow method. This test is based on the published paper in CVPR 2010. You can also run the demo program estimate_flow_demo.m and follow it to t...

Blood vessels segmentation

The appearance and structure of blood vessels in retinal images play an important role in diagnosis of eye diseases. This paper proposes a method for segmentation of blood vessels in color retinal images. We present a method that uses 2-D Gabor wavelet to enhance the vascular pattern. We locate and...

MATLAB visible light communication

Includes indoor visible light communication procedures, indoor optical modulation, demodulation, encode, decode, LED interior space distribution corresponding to the SNR and BER analysis. Noise analysis of model indoor visible light communication....

Face recognition based on LBP

Yale face in open source databases, implement face recognition, whole program by LBP (local binary patterns) of facial local feature extraction, K_-neighbor algorithm using facial feature vector classification. Recognition rate of the whole system around 90%, the effect is very good....

Skin cancer diagonis using abcd rule

This research present asymmetry, border irregularity, color variation, and diameter (ABCD) feature extraction of image dermatoscopic for melanoma skin cancer diagnosis. ABCD feature is the important information based on morphology analysis of image dermatoscopic lesion. ABCD feature is used to calcu...

MATLAB mobile model

MATLAB simulation of random direction model, random waypoint model, gaosimaerkefu model, a random walk model CV model...

NSGA2 algorithm matlab implementation (multiple test functions)

Application backgroundIn addition to the original NSGA2 algorithm, not only the convergence of the index as well as the uniformity of the index, and the DTLZ1-3, ZDT1-6 and other classic tests were tested, and the interface is friendly. At the same time, the ideal Pareto optimal solution set is buil...

比例公平调度算法, matlab, 资源分配 ,吞吐量 ,公平性, 其它指标

30subchannels %frame duration is 5ms %11slots for dl scheduling %suppose every user has 5 rtps, the pk size ~uniform(0.12k,0.24k)bytes. %every pk wait max time ~uniform(3,5)frames. snr ~rayleigh.  t_c = 0.0002058; %one symbol duration t_frame = 0.005; %frame duration %time constant for P...

MATLAB image segmentation program

MATLAB image segmentation programIterative methodsIterative-threshold of the basic idea is : First of all, according to the distribution of objects in an image to grayscale, select an approximate threshold as the initial threshold, a better approach is to image gray value as the initial threshold; a...

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