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SOM neural network

SOM (self-organizing maps neural network) neural network algorithms, image processing, image compression technology content specific, MATLAB implementation. Complete contents of experiment content, as well as the experimental sample pictures, compression good, high signal-to-noise ratio. As neural n...

MIMO OFDM simulation

This project is a MATLAB MIMO OFDM system simulation program, contains, channel emulation, the reception of OFDM signal generation system as a whole. After debugging, you can run....

MATLAB visible light communication

Includes indoor visible light communication procedures, indoor optical modulation, demodulation, encode, decode, LED interior space distribution corresponding to the SNR and BER analysis. Noise analysis of model indoor visible light communication....

Boosting for Transfer Learning source code

Transfer learning is currently hot areas in machine learning , in which "Boosting for Transfer Learning" , tradaboost algorithm is the essence of the article....

MATLAB solve 5 kinds of business problems (Mtsp) program

Using genetic algorithms to solve based on MATLAB 5 multiple business problems (MTSP) code is divided into the following categories: 1. from a different starting point back to the starting point (traveling salesman a fixed amount) 2. from a different starting point back to the start (t...

Image edge detection using ant colony algorithm

This is the Matlab source code of image edge detection using ant colony algorithm. It has detailed annotations and easy to understand. Hope you will like it....

JPEG2000 encoder and decoder source code in Matlab

This is the JPEG2000 encoder and decoder source code in Matlab. This code can help you to do simulations in Matlab. You can easily include this code in your simulation, i.e., do simulation on image or video transmission.You can also modified this code according to your requirement. Furthermore, base...


according to report :PHYDYAS – PHYsical layer for DYnamic AccesS and cognitive radio "Prototype filter and filter bank structure". i build FBMC/OQAM wireless system model using polyphase structure then i add AWGN and then i draw BER versus SNR curve...

Matlab+Verilog implementation of LDPC decoding algorithm

Matlab implementation of minimum and LDPC decoding algorithm Verilog implementation of MATLAB algorithms and have been decoded correctly. Absolute originality!...

JPEG compression MATLAB source code

This is the Matlab source code of JPEG compression with detailed annotations. It is very good for beginners. The efficiency is not very good, so it takes relative long time to do the image compression. This is not an original code, I found it from somewhere.  Please run the main function, the p...

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