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Face recognition based on LBP

Yale face in open source databases, implement face recognition, whole program by LBP (local binary patterns) of facial local feature extraction, K_-neighbor algorithm using facial feature vector classification. Recognition rate of the whole system around 90%, the effect is very good....

Skin cancer diagonis using abcd rule

This research present asymmetry, border irregularity, color variation, and diameter (ABCD) feature extraction of image dermatoscopic for melanoma skin cancer diagnosis. ABCD feature is the important information based on morphology analysis of image dermatoscopic lesion. ABCD feature is used to calcu...

Fuzzy neural network Matlab code

This is fuzzy neural network Matlab code, with simulated data and debugged. It can be used directly. It's very useful....

Boosting for Transfer Learning source code

Transfer learning is currently hot areas in machine learning , in which "Boosting for Transfer Learning" , tradaboost algorithm is the essence of the article....

Kalman filter and its application

This toolbox supports filtering, smoothing and parameter estimation (using EM) for Linear Dynamical Systems. Functions:1. kalman_filter 2. kalman_smoother - implements the RTS equations 3. learn_kalman - finds maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters using EM 4. sample_lds - generate random sa...

MATLAB simulation of traffic flow

Cellular automaton traffic flow Matlab program, you can set up a complete road simulation system, containing the parameter settings, rules definition, numerical simulation, and can collect traffic flow data, numerical analysis....


这是本人找到的非常好的几何特征提取源代码,包括周长。面积。伸长度、矩形度等用过了,很不错的!-This is my very best to find the source code for geometric feature extraction, including the perimeter. Area. Elongation, rectangular degree used, very good!...

Point cloud boundary extraction

Application backgroundTxt boundary extraction from 3D data for subsequent research has promoted ...Key TechnologyMatlab point cloud data extraction. Comes with a few point cloud data TXT, the test can be used, the effect is good...

Pedestrian evacuation simulation

Application backgroundHas the obstacles and export modify evacuation is in good condition, can download to learn and use is matlab simulation, xingrenshusan.m main program and other documents Dststspread.m fire hazards in the infectious and evacuation PopSn.m, GUI renyuanshusan.fig, ShuSanDieDai.m e...

GPS MATLAB software receiver

Application backgroundThe program integrity, good readability, code concise, there are notes, initially from a university in the United States, I have been running to learn, publish for more people to learn, I hope you can gain....

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