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GA crossovers

GA crossovers that can be used in GA algorithms and can be operated as functions attached to main program of GA...

Simulation Of a Cognitive Radio System In Matlab

This code simulate a cognitive radio system in Matlab .You can chose the number of primary users, secondary users, noise and attenuation,  then program simulate the system for you....


In this paper, we present the adaptive bilateral filter (ABF) for sharpness enhancement and noise removal. The ABF sharpens an image by increasing the slope of the edges without producing overshoot or undershoot. It is an approach to sharpness enhancement that is fundamentally different from the...

Based on the three-dimensional reconstruction of multiple images

This is based on multiple images of three-dimensional reconstruction program, the source is the MATLAB program, through multi-angle shooting multiple images of the same object, the object reconstructed by the program algorithm, and finally get a three-dimensional model, Reconstruction has been teste...

Simulink vehicle dynamics model

Of vehicle dynamics simulation using Simulink. Many engineering problems involves complicated mathematical model, one of the most basic uses differential equations to describe the particular procedure, after the correct mathematical model of differential equations, MATLAB/SIMULINK module, can easily...

SAGE point estimates, left angle, angle of arrival and range estimation

Complete SAGE estimating procedures. Can estimate left angle, angle of arrival and amplitude. Directly with fake data validation procedures section, can also be run directly from measured data, detailed notes. Absolutely you can run!...

GS phase retrieval algorithm

Provides a phase retrieval algorithm of the image, the algorithm for the GS algorithm, code for the GS algorithm based code file with picture examples for reference and use....

A variety of methods (hard and soft threshold, adaptive threshold, etc.) wavelet denoising matlab

Application backgroundDenoise0701.m uses color image to test various denoising methods.====================================================================%% of various methods of denoising procedure ==================================================Den1.m using semi soft threshold method for image...


Matlab-related tutorials, which contains a lot of information very helpful for learning Matlab' s friends...

Genetic algorithm optimized BP neural network (Matlab)

This procedure is the use of genetic algorithm optimized BP neural network algorithm for higher accuracy than simply using BP neural network, the program is divided into three files, ga_bp is the primary file, function is related to the other two files only need to be placed in a single folder to ru...

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