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Matlab target tracking

Application backgroundRealization of single target and multi object tracking in video stream by MATLAB....

Edge edge method MTF

Application backgroundAbsolutely effective ~ with txt document and examples of crossing ~clear image all;All close;I=imread ('F:\\3xx.bmp');%I=rgb2gray (I11);I1=double (I);[m, n]=size (I);A=zeros (1, n);Cii=1: (n-1) *20+1Zz]=size [z (CII)Summ=a;B=zeros (1, m);Yyy=0;Li=1:1:m for    figure (...

Genetic algorithm optimized BP neural network (Matlab)

This procedure is the use of genetic algorithm optimized BP neural network algorithm for higher accuracy than simply using BP neural network, the program is divided into three files, ga_bp is the primary file, function is related to the other two files only need to be placed in a single folder to ru...

MATLAB neural network analysis of 30 case _ the book [PDF]+ source code package download

Neural network analysis of 30 case <> book [PDF]+ source code package download...

Robot Matlab toolbox

Robot Matlab toolbox function that contains a large number of robots, are essential to study Robotics Kit....

Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy Stages using Digital Fundus Images using Imaging

Diabetic-related eye disease is a major cause of preventable blindness in the world. It is a complication of diabetes which can also affect various parts of the body. When the small blood vessels have a high level of glucose in the retina, the vision will be blurred and can cause blindness eventu...

MATLAB sift feature point extraction and matching

This code uses the SIFT algorithm of extracting image feature points, and calculate the descriptor. Execute the show.m file that you can complete the feature point extraction. Executive match.m may complete two images match. Documents of the SIFT algorithm processes, 1.jpg, 2.jpg-image....



MATLAB simulation of power control based on game theory

Power control for wireless networks using game theory analyze source iterations to achieve equilibrium, iterative process provides a graphical display....

Traffic sign recognition ;MATLAB;SIFT ;Template Matching

 This program is a real-time traffic sign recognition based on matlab. Firstly, through the camera to capture images real time.Secondly, pretreat the collected images (filtering).Then after the image binarization, divided the target area by the color characteristics  .Lastly, calculat...

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