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Simple compressed sensing codes can be realized

size:16px;">Simple compressed sensing code, using wavelet transform commutation sparse decomposition, and then measured using random measurement matrix, as well as restore the image, the code can be run at the results with OMP reconstruction algorithm, the original image and the reconstructed image...

Moving Target Parameters Estimation in Noncoherent MIMO Radar Systems

space:nowrap;">移动目标参数估计的非相干MIMO 雷达系统...

Simulation study on inverse problem of electrical resistance tomography

indent:24.0pt;"> 1. Matlab实现有限元方法在电阻层析成像系统正问题的数据建立; 2. Matlab实现牛顿-拉夫逊图像重建算法,并对正问题仿真试验数据进行了图像重建。...

SVM code rainfall forecast

With three months to forecast rainfall in the three months, to implement rolling forecasts and five-year rainfall was tested and found higher accuracy, and can be used to predict the unknown year rainfall...

Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm

MOPSO is the most popular algorithm for multiple targets. The code was prepared by the research I do, refer to Coello's papers. The code is simple, and description...

30 cases analysis of neural networks, with source code

Analyzing the case of MATLAB neural network, including source code, very complete! Major BP neural networks, genetic algorithms, Hopfield algorithms, probabilistic neural networks, and so on....

Turbo Equalization Based LDPC Coded MIMO OFDM Transmission

size:14px;">An Integrated LP Reciever Based on TE for LDPC Coded MIMO-OFDM The Proposed work tests QPSK and 16QAM for MIMO-OFDM Systems. MIMO-OFDM systems are widely being investigated due to higher data rate requirement in wireless communication. BER/FER performance...

Power control algorithm

Power control algorithms written in MATLAB, algorithms in the adhoc network, contains a variety of optimization, will be helpful for beginners...

Tensor Algebra and Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval in Signal Processing for MIMO Radar

space:nowrap;">2010 年 11 月 1 号 11 卷 58、 信号处理汇刊 张量代数和多维谐波 MIMO 雷达信号处理中检索 迪米特里负离子和尼古拉斯 D.Sidiropoulos、 院士、 IEEE...

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