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Image modelling markov random field

align:justify;text-indent:.25in;"> Image modeling plays an important role in modern image processing. It is commonly used in image analysis for texture segmentation, classification and. It is also of common use in multimedia applications for compression purposes. Due to the diversity of image t...

Face Detection in Video File

title entry-title" style="margin:0px;position:relative;font-size:22px;line-height:normal;font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, FreeSerif, serif;color:#3778CD;"> 让我们看看如何检测的脸、 鼻子、 嘴和眼睛使用 MATLAB 内置类和函数。 基于中...

matlab编写 可以求分形维数,简单方便

matlab can prepare for the fractal dimension, is simple and convenient...

Surface wave inversion of a case in point. . . . There are documents that I beli...

Surface wave inversion of a case in point. . . . There are documents that I believe we will make good use of the...


Using matlab to achieve some of the cluster source, we can...

Image fusion procedure Guinness

Image fusion procedure, including IHS PCA Laplace PCNN Wavelet tries to guarantee of a lot of it is your own debug logging to work, is carefully for my senior thesis....

artificial immune system

size:11.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"">算法过程: 1设置 参数 随机生成初始种群 -流行 = initpop (popsize,chromlength) 故障类型的编码,每一行为!代码(1, :), normal;代码(2, :), 50%;代码(3, :), and 1.5%.故障实际测量数据编码, 在这里Unno...

Continuous speech recognition

HMM-based continuous speech recognition, Malko MVoiceRecognia continuous speech recognition Matlab source code....

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