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Image fusion procedure Guinness

Image fusion procedure, including IHS PCA Laplace PCNN Wavelet tries to guarantee of a lot of it is your own debug logging to work, is carefully for my senior thesis....

sparse clustering

Sparse Subspace Clustering(SSC) when either adversarial or randomnoise is added to the unlabelled inputdata points, which are assumed to lie in a unionof low-dimensional subspaces....

Add matrix algorithm

For image restoration, you can extract image features, you can save can longer be modified on the basis of the code streamlined and features powerful. Download this East is very good Oh, comes from a professional project team, code is very powerful, and forwarding, and proliferation of, integratingT...

Simulation of GPS system (capture + tracking + analysis)

GPS systems using MATLAB simulation by generating local PN code and carrier, and tracking using frequency-domain, frequency-locked-for-and phase-locked loop, satellite acquisition, tracking, and analysis of a variety of functions;...

standalone PV system with battery

The Conventional sources of energy are rapidly depleting. Moreover the cost of energy is rising and therefore  standalone  photovoltaic system is a promising alternative. They are abundant, pollution free and distributed throughout the earth. The hindrance factor is its powe...

Ant Colony optimization algorithm for path planning

Initialized by the Dijkstra algorithm to search path (second-best), and the optimal path based on the Ant Colony algorithm in its search, select Ant system (ACQ) updated pheromone and path....

robot swarm

On robot control program complete, you can run, including four functions; program is very complete for beginners; very useful, basic is an entry-level tutorial program. Multi-robots, multiple UAV control reference, algorithms work well....

Power line communication orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

Application backgroundLow voltage power line carrier communication is a kind of technology which can realize data transmission and information exchange by using the existing distribution network as the transmission medium. Due to the low voltage power line carrier communication does not need to re w...

Unmanned aerial vehicle flight control simulation program

UAV flight control simulation program by MATLAB Simulink dynamic modules unmanned UAV flight simulation model....

单目视觉matlab 代码实现

单目视觉,matlab 识别目标的距离和世界坐标...

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