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GA crossovers

GA crossovers that can be used in GA algorithms and can be operated as functions attached to main program of GA...

Simple compressed sensing codes can be realized

Simple compressed sensing code, using wavelet transform commutation sparse decomposition, and then measured using random measurement matrix, as well as restore the image, the code can be run at the results with OMP reconstruction algorithm, the original image and the reconstructed image after for ea...



Power control algorithm

Power control algorithms written in MATLAB, algorithms in the adhoc network, contains a variety of optimization, will be helpful for beginners...

Three dimensional cloud data reconstruction

How to convert point cloud data from a RGB image from point cloud data to reconstruct 3-dimensional image. Use MATLAB to run can be completely effective, can be an object's three dimensional cloud data....

Based on the meanshift algorithm framework of nuclear, achieve the goal of model updating using Kalman algorithm, so as to effectively realize the moving target tracking

In core based meanshift algorithm framework, using Kalman algorithm to achieve the target model update, so as to effectively realize the moving target tracking...

Simulation study on inverse problem of electrical resistance tomography

1. Matlab realization of finite element method in Electrical Impedance Tomography system problem of data; 2. Matlab realization of Newton - Raphson algorithm for image reconstruction and image reconstruction simulation data are problems....

Model predictive control (MPC)

This code implements a Model predictive control (MPC) algorithm for a nonlinear plant with constraints....

Multi User MIMO System Analysis and implementation

A relatively recent idea of extending the benefits of MIMO systems to multiuser scenarios seems promising in the context ofachieving high data rates envisioned for future cellular standards after 3G (3rd Generation). Although substantial research hasbeen done on the theoretical front, recent focus i...

Phase-field matlab

Application backgroundMatlab to write the dendritic growth simulation program, used for the study of the solidification behavior, no coupled flow field. Is a pure metal Ni program. Other pure metals can be adjusted by changing the thermal physical parameters.Key TechnologyIn the simulation of the gr...

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