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bp network training, the source code can be used for parameter identification, pattern classification, such as damage detection, fault diagnosis, etc....

Array signal processing basic doa algorithm, matlab running, very useful

Array signal processing basic doa algorithm, matlab running, very useful...


Modern signal processing in higher-order statistics- calculate third-order cumulants of the process...

matlab the time

matlab the time-frequency analysis tool kit, is still relatively easy to use. wish to signal processing time-frequency analysis help....

报童问题的计算机仿真 %tm一轮实验的预定模拟天数 %t一轮实验的仿真天数累积值 %z订报量 %z 最优订报量 %g订报量z之上界 %s...

newsboy problem of computer simulation% tm an experimental simulation of the target number of days a t% of the experimental days of accrued Simulation plot value volume%% z z Factory Workers optimal quantity% g subscription volume z% above the industry s1 loss value% cumulative value of the smallest...


很好的图像配准程序  采用ECC方法 具有较好的GUI运行界面,可以很好的实现图像的准确匹配...

Hough Circle Example

    %Define the hough space     theImage = imread(imfile,'TL1YTLmadenipara.jpg');     [width,height] = size(theImage);       rhoLimit = norm([width height]);     rho = (-rhoLimit:1:rhoLimit);              ...

Speech recognition code

This is a speech recognition MATLAB source code, there are two features can choose MFCC and SBC, pattern matching using GMM. Testing a database of 80 people, MFCC accuracy rate was about 80%,SBC 40% ... ......

Preservation Of Principal Direction Tensor Reorientation

To redirect a tensor 3*3, your PPD written using MATLAB language (Preservation Of Principal Direction) algorithms, and testing program, prepared for the first time, and may contain errors, hoping to get suggestions!...

Source SVM classification test can be used

SVM classification algorithm, because it can effectively solve the small sample size, nonlinear and multidimensional pattern recognition problems and usually have good learning and outreach capacity has been studied extensively and has been successfully applied in fault diagnosis field. Using suppor...

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