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GPS 软件接收机的捕获和跟踪算法代码

GPS 软件接收机的捕获算法代码、跟踪算法代码,matlab的,含数据文件。是学习GPS基带处理算法的入门级仿真代码,有助于学习者掌握这两种主要的GPS基带处理算法及其原理...

经典程序例子,matlab语言编制的。 可供学习者参考

Classic example of the procedure, matlab languages. For learner reference...

Image format conversion

Function drawing function of Matlab is a powerful, but its graphics is only available for images, and to some extent limits the exchange of data. Through this code can be converted to DXF format for subsequent modeling....

The critical value of the self-help method

The critical value of the self-help methodHow to use the bootstrap method to generate the critical value...

Iridium satellite system simulation

MATLAB simulation of special mobile communication system bis   Iridium satellite system...

Cae Number Plate

utomatic License Plate Identification (ALPI) has many applications in traffic systems (highway electronic tollcollection, red light violation enforcement, border and customs checkpoints etc.). This paper presents AutomaticNumber Plate Extraction and Character Segmentation for Indian vehicles. In Ind...

code for arranging

I have an array 'A' of size 50 x 10 filled with doubles.I want to arrange each row in ascending order to get a new array 'B' but I want to create a third array 'C' where I keep track of the index from original array 'A'...

Handle calendar

you can use it to recognize the writing numbers As with the paper writing experience, and has the advantages of digital equipment (such as Gouchu, real-time results are given...). Manual for solving mathematical equ...

K-means clustering

K-means cluster analysis based on experimental data design classifier, experimental data of remote sensing color images, all pixels of the image for the dataset, the r, g, b values for each pixel as its eigenvectors. 1) select suitable category number k, and the initial cluster centers. 2) select a...

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