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code for arranging

I have an array 'A' of size 50 x 10 filled with doubles.I want to arrange each row in ascending order to get a new array 'B' but I want to create a third array 'C' where I keep track of the index from original array 'A'...

Handle calendar

you can use it to recognize the writing numbers As with the paper writing experience, and has the advantages of digital equipment (such as Gouchu, real-time results are given...). Manual for solving mathematical equ...

Copy and paste the video evidence

The code completed copy - paste operation after detecting the authenticity of the video. Code is simple, understandable, for in-depth study of video evidence tampering has some significance. The code corresponding references: A passive approach for effective detection and localization of region-leve...


Lately the discussion on how big impact vehicles has on the environment has grown bigger and bigger. The vehicle manufacturers are building cars, trucks, wheel loaders etc. that are getting more and more fuel efficient for every year. But where do the engineers at the companies make the improvement...

mean shift segmentation

matlab code for performing mean shift segmentation of a RGB image. Based on "MEAN SHFT : A ROBUST APPROACH TOWARDS FEATURE SPACE ANALYSIS"...

Genetic algorithm

GA algorithm. For the Tsp. Using natural code. Price to be set by the function. Require Matlab2010B later. Debugging through. Drawing functions. If you have any questions, welcome to email inquiries....

Fast Kernel-Based Independent Component Analysis

Fast Kernel-Based Independent Component Analysis,Hao Shen, Stefanie Jegelka, and Arthur Gretton, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING, VOL. 57, NO. 9, SEPTEMBER 2009....

Ant Colony optimization algorithm

Previous research group of this is legend's the colony MATLAB source code, I just started learning, where there are many don't understand, now share it, hope it helps the partners, we make progress together....

fourier codes

% Two Dimensioal Spectral Estimation% Convariance Method and Modified Convariance Method% This function implements the modified covariance method for estimation% of the AR parameters....

Frequency domain Band-pass filter

This is a simple band pass filter in the frequency domain. You can filter digital images by defining the cutoff frequencies.  The image mst be in gray scale form. You should consider the re req for normalization in frequency. Minimum 50 letters. Detailed description will get your more CF c...

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