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Canny Edge Detection

The canny edge detection is one of the widely used edge detection technique due to its superior performance.It has high throughput and low latency.Significance of edge detection is low error rate , Localization  and single response for single edge.Main steps in canny edge detection are 1.S...

Distributed Canny edge detection

Canny edge detection is widely used edge detection technique.The main features of this technique is 1.Low error rate 2.Localisation 3.Response i.e. single response for a single input. The main steps in this technique is 1.Horizontal and vertical Gradient filter 2.Gradient and direction filter  ...

code to calculate BER for multi cases in 802.11n

The main goal of this project is to design and simulate a wireless communication system base on the IEEE 802.11n. A system was built and simulated in Matlab to obtain numerical result such as bit error rate plots and verify the functionality of each block in the design....

OFDM Image Transmission

Image Transmission Through OFDM Using different modulation techniques And Error calcultion...


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