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SIM900A call send SMS TCP / IP communication

SIM900 module attachment, phone features, sim900 driver contains all the functionality of the module, including phone calls, SMS, GPRS data sent and received, the platform is based on the mainstream of the STM32....

Yuv422 and YUV420 format image is a character and a man superimposed

Yuv422 and YUV420 format image is the character and man superimposed, native implementation, ability to adjust the font color, you can change the source code yourself to adjust the font size has been achieved is 16*16...

SYN6288 audio driver

SYN6288 audio driver can clearly play 6288 voice voice use the STM32 chip chip...

Anonymous flight control source

An anonymous four-rotary wing aircraft flight control source code, including posture settlement, Kalman filtering, PID control. Known as the best open source four shafts, resource details, comments made clear, is a four-axis enthusiasts, students, beginners choice. Four-axis aircraft, also known as...

Write your own four-axis flight control system for helicopter

This fly controlled system is reference APM open source fly controlled system of control law and PID parameter, main controlled chip is STM32F103ZET6, ran has UC/OS operating system, created has multiple task, most fast task for 5ms, for update MPU6050 detection of acceleration value and gyroscope v...

Gd32f10x firmware library

GD32F10x standard firmware library. Apply to GD32F103/GD32F105/GD32F107/GD32F101 MCU, and Cortex-M microcontroller software interface standard (CMSIS) compatible. Firmware library including, data structure and macro definitions, covering all characteristics of integrated peripherals, and includes al...

STM32F103 DC Brushless BLDC motor driver Board Hall Kit

PIN port define distribution function definition note 12 PA2 TIM2_CH3 HC motor HALL C motor signal (blue) 11 HB PA1 TIM2_CH2 motor HALL B motor signal (green) 10 HA PA0 TIM2_CH1 motor HALL A motor signal (yellow) u phase-leg 29 PA8 TIM1_CH1 motor terminated effective 30 PA9 TIM1_CH2...

STM32 driver LCD

STM32 driver LCD ILI9341/ILI9325/RM68042/RM68021/ILI9320/ILI9328/LGDP4531/LGDP4535/SPFD5408/SSD1289/1505/B505/C505/NT35310/NT35510, which includes unpopular HX8352 engineering, STM32 chip 103ZET6....


Application backgroundSTM32F103 timer 1 to generate SVPWM, with the main idea of SVPWM is three-phase symmetrical sine wave voltage three-phase symmetrical motor stator ideal flux circle as the reference standard to three-phase inverter with different switching mode for proper switching, resulting i...

STM32 implementation of learning infrared remote control

Application backgroundLearning infrared remote control using STM32,But most of the remote control command on the market.Receive commands using a serial port or can port,Key TechnologyOff the upper and lower edges of the waveform,High precision timer to obtain high and low level of timeRecord the wav...

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