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MFC serial port programming example (20)

MFC serial port programming example, a total of 20 instances, MScom control based programming, and serial programming based on windowsAPI, provides a complete serial port class that can be used directly, with complete source code to serial debugging assistant, has learning value....

STM32 SPI mutual communication (DMA) V3.5

STM32 SPI mutual communication (DMA) V3.5 two STM32 SPI interface, a slave, a master machine, DMA, fast....

STM32, DMA channel AD collection

The source is the use of STM32 microprocessor, using DMA mode for multi-channel AD sampled processing.  Occupy less CPU resources, use DMA mode can save CPU overhead....

c # wince MP3 player that can play wav

With music player source code written in c # wince under embedded system that can play MP3 and WaV, perfect run. Very good learning materials....

EVO VeriFone act 1.10.0

Application backgroundVerix eVo ACT Release Date: 11th Feb 2015 Product Build:2 Introduction Verix eVo ACT is a library, which is helpful in creating applications for the Verix eVo and Vx platforms. Application upgrading to this version may need to increase the heap size.  Rea...

OSEK operating system

OSEK operating system is a real-time embedded operating system, which conforms to standards OSEK, for automobile electronic control applications to provide a high performance, small cutting consumption of resources of the operating system.OSEK operating system complies with the following requirement...

SIM900A call send SMS TCP / IP communication

SIM900 module attachment, phone features, sim900 driver contains all the functionality of the module, including phone calls, SMS, GPRS data sent and received, the platform is based on the mainstream of the STM32....

Yuv422 and YUV420 format image is a character and a man superimposed

Yuv422 and YUV420 format image is the character and man superimposed, native implementation, ability to adjust the font color, you can change the source code yourself to adjust the font size has been achieved is 16*16...

SYN6288 audio driver

SYN6288 audio driver can clearly play 6288 voice voice use the STM32 chip chip...

Anonymous flight control source

An anonymous four-rotary wing aircraft flight control source code, including posture settlement, Kalman filtering, PID control. Known as the best open source four shafts, resource details, comments made clear, is a four-axis enthusiasts, students, beginners choice. Four-axis aircraft, also known as...

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