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Color LCD graphics library ILI9341

Application backgroundThe source code for the ILI9340/9341 LCD driver. Written for the MSP430 chip, but can easily be ported to any other platform....

Drive display 7 segment CCS C PIC

Application background Driver Funcional de display 7segmentos para PIC 16f876 Copilador CCS C, funcionando de modo multiplexado Os circuitos para o acionamento dos displays de 7 segmentos são simples. É necessário ter um elemento de habilitação para permitir o fluxo...

Stepper motor control

Application backgroundYour microcontroller works at 5V and the stepper motor will need 12V to operate. So the microcontroller port pins can’t drive the motor on their own. They need something called as the driver circuit. This circuit typically takes low level signal from controller and converts t...

How to use UART and 485 in atmega128a

Application background you can understand uart communication. how to use debug message via uart in in atmega128a...

VHDL source code and Simulation of the full adder

Application background In this project you will get some principal information of vhdl logic for add three bit. As you know when we add three bit in input we will give tow bit in output. A, B and C are input and D and C_out are output. For more information about full adder you can read Dig...

VHDL source code and Simulation of the 7 segment

Application background In this project you will get some information of vhdl logic for drive 7 segment led. As you know when we energized some pin of 7 segment in input some of it's led turn on and so show something for example a number .  For more information about 7 segment and dr...


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