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STM32F103+uCOSIII (3.03) + key +LED+ serial communication source

The source code has been tested in the long term, support for serial communications, especially for gateway as a serial class of dumb device, suitable for RS485,GPRS, and other serial-interface applications. Keys for configuration and LED indicates working state. Support Keil4.7 and IAR 6.5 compiler...

WIFI application of smart home SDK development kit

Application backgroundApplication in the development of smart home and white home appliances WIFI interconnection, complete SDK source code, such as: air conditioning, refrigerators, and electric heating equipment, LED lighting, design simple and convenient, for engineers to develop and save time.Ke...

Modbus-TCP STM32+W5500 protocol for the entire project download source program

Application backgroundAfter these days of learning and debugging, and finally in the STM32F103VCT6+W5500 (SPI1) +Freemodbus platform, the function of Modbus-TCP protocol. In fact, very simple, as long as familiar with the Modbus-RTU communication, understand the structure of the Modbus frame, Modbus...

STM32 generate two-dimensional code (non original)

Application backgroundSTM32 generate two-dimensional code, STM32 microcontroller generated two-dimensional code, for reference to learn to use. Development environment for the MDK KEIL the program can be directly compiled....

Hart protocol master emulator

Hart protocol emulator.It will be find in given link

IEC103 statute code

IEC103 statute from network implementation. 103 power system 41695037IEC103 Statute of the communication program, complete the procedures for your reference...

NXP USB examples

All about the master chip NXP USB host, from machines, such as mouse, keyboards and self-made HID source code. Bottom USB drive...

Gyro mpu6050

1,mpu6050 testing 2, code details, comments clearly 3, using serial and virtual oscilloscope test 4, Cherman filtering completed tasks...

The STM32 motor control program

STM32 microcontroller, motor control, brushless DC motor, not including PID control...

Industrial robot control program, including teaching, computers condition monitoring

Industrial robot control program, including teaching, computer monitoring, open-source general-purpose  robot controller, xclib - some basic functions, robotics-related mathematics, pmac card drivers and other  procedures, x50 - Open Universal Robot Control the main code, which...

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