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UcOS-III + LWIP + HTTP Server + calendar + clock/temperature dissolved oxygen test routines

System hardware STM32f103 chip, connected to the dissolved oxygen probe, external broadband network can realize remote monitoring, remote control functions through a computer. Sources include ucOS-III (real-time operating system), LWIP-1.3.2 (lightweight TCP/IP Protocol), and HTTP Server (emb...

Read/write routines SD card stm32f103zet6 single chip, built-in FAT32 file system

Read/write routines SD card stm32f103zet6 single chip, including the FAT32 file system, tested workable...

j1939 Examples

j1939 implementation Examples. Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J1939 is the vehicle bus recommended practice used for communication and diagnostics among vehicle components, originally by the car and heavy-duty truck industry in the United States. SA...

Industrial robot control program, including teaching, computers condition monitoring

Industrial robot control program, including teaching, computer monitoring, open-source general-purpose  robot controller, xclib - some basic functions, robotics-related mathematics, pmac card drivers and other  procedures, x50 - Open Universal Robot Control the main code, which...

The ST stm32 official IAP project

There are 12 files in the archive, it is quite wide. Plus my blog text summary, I think enough understanding of the IAP. Compressed package that contains1, STM32F10x_AN2557_FW_V3.3.0 official F1xx routines2. Experimental 48 serial IAP experiment - Library Functions Version - atomic flagship board ro...

tinyG Network Open source 6 axis motion controller

tinyG added Network option.Open source 6 axis motion controllerincluded hardware and software.these project is work as cnc controller and 3D printer controller....

DSP28034 VF motor control +PWM

Made with DSP28034 chip, VF control and PWM drive for wave algorithm, the program compiles without error....

CCID based communications stm32f107 the smart card reader

Using CCID smart card readers next machine code to communicate with your computer, all CCID compliant PC can use. Lower machine that can be used to understand the CCID protocol implementation, and smart card T0 the specific implementation code. ATR,PPS enables smart cards and other read and write co...

STM32F103+uCOSIII (3.03) + key +LED+ serial communication source

The source code has been tested in the long term, support for serial communications, especially for gateway as a serial class of dumb device, suitable for RS485,GPRS, and other serial-interface applications. Keys for configuration and LED indicates working state. Support Keil4.7 and IAR 6.5 compiler...

Motor SVPWM speed control VHDL source code

This is a motor SVPWM Speed control VHDL source code control procedures, including the main program and test rtl simulation program sim...

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