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UcOS-III + LWIP + HTTP Server + calendar + clock/temperature dissolved oxygen test routines

System hardware STM32f103 chip, connected to the dissolved oxygen probe, external broadband network can realize remote monitoring, remote control functions through a computer. Sources include ucOS-III (real-time operating system), LWIP-1.3.2 (lightweight TCP/IP Protocol), and HTTP Server (emb...

STM32 microcontroller PID algorithm example

STM32 microcontroller PID algorithm instance, STM32 PWM output controlled by PID algorithms, feedback is low-pass filtered PWM get AD...

Read/write routines SD card stm32f103zet6 single chip, built-in FAT32 file system

Read/write routines SD card stm32f103zet6 single chip, including the FAT32 file system, tested workable...

j1939 Examples

j1939 implementation Examples. Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J1939 is the vehicle bus recommended practice used for communication and diagnostics among vehicle components, originally by the car and heavy-duty truck industry in the United States. SA...

FreeRTOS port for STM8 micro-controller and IAR compiler

I am uploading the FREERTOS port for STM8 micorcontroller. This ports works for IAR compiler.  I have tested it on STM8AF51AA and STM8AF5288 controllers. You can use it directly on 'STM8/128-EVAL - Evaluation board' [

Beautiful interface 24 points a game, written using Qt

Beautiful interface written using Qt's 24-point game, with points accumulated, using recursive traversal approach, calculate any expression of 24 points. Slightly changed into other games....

MAXQ1050 and all development information

Application backgroundThe official MAXQ1050 and all development information                                                                ...

TM1628 nixietube STM32 code

Application backgroundTM1628 control 7 digital tube, the number of points in the other way control, STM32F030 with keil5.10 can be directly compiled throughKey TechnologyGood use of the special digital control IC is TM1628, low cost, simple communication mode drive current each maximum 50 Ma, for th...

STM32F4 two host USB routines --U disk and mouse keyboard

Application backgroundFor USB host STM32F407 two routines, you can read and write U disk and mouse keyboard, through the keyboard can be input dataKey TechnologyModify the routines of several places, so that their boards can be used, mainly to modify the usb_bsp.c, usbh_usr.c and mian.c...

PCL HP language printer WINCE example

Application backgroundHP PCL WINCE printer driver routines. For the development of WinCE system under the printer has a reference value. HP printer PCL language is divided into multiple versions of PCL3 GUI wince, HP for the PCL1--PCL6 printer only supports PCL language, if for different printers to...

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