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Stm332f107vct6 - slave_canfestival the code uses the STM32 platform to successfully transplant CANopen protocol, for use as a slave

Application backgroundStm332f107vct6 - slave_canfestival the code uses the STM32 platform to successfully transplant CANopen protocol, for use as a slave. Create the following folder:Inc folder: LM3S8962 hardware related and driver part of the header files, hw_adc.h, adc.h, etc.;Lib folder: driverli...

QT interface data finishing

Application background      the control in the Widgets Qt block is downloaded and sorted out. About 85% of the controls are downloaded, and the notes and instructions, for some of the interface very cow B project also downloaded a few, part of the project over the wall to get, now iss...

ZigBee based on RSSI localization

RSSI-based ZigBee positioning, experience through a variety of algorithms and models, positioning accuracy is good. Cc2431 platform implementation, may be consulted and transplantation....

BlueTooth Development Kit

BlueTooth API for Bluetooth development kit, this is a Bluetooth system program development kit....

STM32F429I Discovery SMS Emulator

Simple SMS emulator running on STM32F429I Discovery Board Project developed using Keil MDK (evaluation version)...

RN8209 chip programming

RN8209RN8209 programming RN8209 programming...

sim908 embedded AT protocol

Embedded AT for sim908 modems. In the file you have sim900 development IDE and instructions to use Eclipse IDE with simcom EAT. Example files and compiler. RVCT compiler is required to run...

RS485 Mster slave Lib+contained Decive addressing and crc check sum

This is a sample code for how using RS485 for a network of Microcontrollers in embeded system you can use this sample for any kind of micro controller that have hardware usart....

Rtlinux 3.2

Rtlinux3.2 kernel for embedded real-time Linux development students may be useful. Because of FSMLabs rtlinux sold the copyright to windriver, maintenance on rtlinux Community Edition are no longer available. His official website is no longer available for rtlinux kernel source code. Is not too easy...

exfat file system to achieve complete code

it\'s the complete  exfat file system code, It is very easy to implement in embedded system, but also the realization of compatible FAT16 and FAT32 good architecture....

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