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SCM J1939 using C

J1939 CAN bus based on PIC single-chip microcomputer communication protocol modifications can  be ported to other SCM, facilitate the development of automobile electronic equipment....

STM32 microcontroller PID algorithm example

STM32 microcontroller PID algorithm instance, STM32 PWM output controlled by PID algorithms, feedback is low-pass filtered PWM get AD...

STM32 can send and receive full version

Very good the STM32 CAN BUS commercial procedures, and shows you how to use CAN be sent and received....

MFC serial port programming example (20)

MFC serial port programming example, a total of 20 instances, MScom control based programming, and serial programming based on windowsAPI, provides a complete serial port class that can be used directly, with complete source code to serial debugging assistant, has learning value....

STM32 SPI mutual communication (DMA) V3.5

STM32 SPI mutual communication (DMA) V3.5 two STM32 SPI interface, a slave, a master machine, DMA, fast....

c # wince MP3 player that can play wav

With music player source code written in c # wince under embedded system that can play MP3 and WaV, perfect run. Very good learning materials....

Yuv422 and YUV420 format image is a character and a man superimposed

Yuv422 and YUV420 format image is the character and man superimposed, native implementation, ability to adjust the font color, you can change the source code yourself to adjust the font size has been achieved is 16*16...

7022B power meter

This file contains 7022B code, with simulated SPI communication, connections between the internal code uses the struct struct. Interior and chip description, program examples, and power instruments articles. The files can be viewed as a 7022B small repositories, with lot of extracts, and want to hel...

Write your own four-axis flight control system for helicopter

This fly controlled system is reference APM open source fly controlled system of control law and PID parameter, main controlled chip is STM32F103ZET6, ran has UC/OS operating system, created has multiple task, most fast task for 5ms, for update MPU6050 detection of acceleration value and gyroscope v...

Gd32f10x firmware library

GD32F10x standard firmware library. Apply to GD32F103/GD32F105/GD32F107/GD32F101 MCU, and Cortex-M microcontroller software interface standard (CMSIS) compatible. Firmware library including, data structure and macro definitions, covering all characteristics of integrated peripherals, and includes al...

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