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HART from software


1.11.4 VeriFone EOS


RN8209 chip programming

space:nowrap;">RN8209 programming RN8209 programming...

Acceleration of AT_ZStack-CC2530-2.3.0-1.4.0_ temperature low_power

space:nowrap;">AT_ZStack-CC2530-2.3.0-1.4.0_温度加速度low_power 内附zstack协议栈的完整开源源码和原理图,可以直接应该在工程上,也可以进行学习和移植...

sim908 embedded AT protocol

Embedded AT for sim908 modems. In the file you have sim900 development IDE and instructions to use Eclipse IDE with simcom EAT. Example files and compiler. RVCT compiler is required to run...

QR decoder based on ARM9 project training

This is an embedded training project, moderate difficulty, use the QT4 knowledge, linux socket programming, arm drive, etc. ....... code is divided into three content, the client, which is the camera data collection terminal, the server , which is the two-dimensional code decoding side, use the butt...

CSerialPort class

Very easy to use CSerialport class, you can search on the Internet that he uses to facilitate use, words enough, continue to get...

LPC17xx series M3 ARM controller programming packages

space:normal;">NXP 官网最新的权威的针对LPC17xx系列M3 ARM控制器的编程文件包;NXP 官网最新的权威的针对LPC17xx系列M3 ARM控制器的编程文件包;NXP 官网最新的权威的针对LPC17xx系列M3 ARM控制器的编程文件包;...

UAV flight control system

family:宋体, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">德国人做的飞行控制系统的代码...

S3C2440 USB drive

II, containing USBH USBD and two drivers....

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