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Renesas four axis aircraft code

Application backgroundIn electronic contest to write code, made of two pieces of Renesas flight control, a piece posturing, the calculated height, another device control and some of the features to achieve, the fly has no problem, just a ultrasonic module high is not a problem, share to everybody, y...

There are detailed notes of the brushless DC motor

Application backgroundThere are detailed notes of the brushless DC motorKey TechnologyMainly used for electric bicycle motor control, speed control system. Achieve no Holzer, there is Holzer switch. Double closed loop control of speed and speed....

SVPWM applies to motor control

Clark transforms Park transforms the space vector pulse width modulation signal. Applicable to motor control, power quality signal processing...

MX28 bare metal source code

Application backgroundMX28 is a low power, high performance, low price, multimedia ARM926EJ-S processor, MX28Target market is the man-machine interface screen equipment, industrial control display drive equipment, graphics remote control, handheld scanningMeter and printing equipment, electronic POS...

Fat file system generation

Application backgroundThe method of storing and managing data in different ways is the file system. The purpose of the file system is to use and find the data and the data can be stored in the storage medium for a long time.At present, the popular Windows operating system, the file system is often u...

The tenth session of the two national games of the smart car, Carle

Application backgroundThis is the tenth national college students to participate in the National College of flying thought Carle intelligent car race two, the program is applied to the photoelectric balance group, which has a lot of notes, for beginners also have great reference value, the next sess...

Servo control and motion control system based on Zynq platforms

Use ZED System design of multi-axis synchronous control system is developed, not only for the development of multi-axial control system, the promotion of important engineering value. Meanwhile, will contribute to the theory analysis and engineering design of multi-axis control systems combined with...

IFFT xlinx ISE development

IFFT procedures implemented in Verilog programming language, Xilinx is the device, the development environment is the ISE, pipelined, worth downloading experience, butterfly using base 2 decomposition can be used for digital filtering, signal processing and other fields, hoping that we can support ....

Air cleaner code

Submit the code after the test of mass production, which contains dust sensors, CO2 sensor, temperature and humidity sensors and other sensor data acquisition, processing, and display method for the majority of single-chip microcomputer enthusiasts refer to, thank you!!!!!!...

STM32 OV7725 application

Use the STM32 to achieve specific application control ov7725, your code can be downloaded in the STM32 proven safe to use...

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