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QR code recognition

About win8app development, using vs2013 as a development environment. This application is based win8app split template describes League four camps each character's backstory....


space:normal;">excel_用C操作_包含读,写,删.简单的调用实例.. excel_用C操作_包含读,写,删.简单的调用实例.....

Analog USB keyboard

space:nowrap;">51单片机模拟一个USB键盘的代码,c语言编写的-51 USB keyboard microcontroller code that simulates a, c languages...

Coordinated source code

Based stm32 V3.5 libraries, by collecting data zigbee module, forwarded to the server via tcpip modules, server processing and then passed through zigbee module by module tcpip...

E05-24LE1 series module attached information. zip


intrrupt in 8051

interrupt in 8051code consist of interrupt program of keil external pin (INT0) interrupt is used....

Intelligent Car SCM source code

51 SCM smart car system includes Bluetooth, infrared remote control feature supports multi-car networkingSuitable for single-chip learning portalThis code uses the microcontroller all resourcesYou can expand into a WiFi video car...

Embedded water lamp program

The code is based embedded systems development based learning content, and is familiar with the AVR LED lights good links title for the initial contact with AVR embedded learners....

LCD Display

LCD 16x2 Display Library for 8051 family controllersCan be used for other controllers like AVR and PIC with minor changes.Designed and compiled using Keil.Tested OK and using....

lcd modular programming


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