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The DMAC module in AMBA Bus based on SOC design

This design is based on the SOC system, using AMBA Bus DMA data transfer mode control module design of DMAC, a total of five modules, proven design timing constraints and other requirements...

Based on lwip TCP and serial port data transmit

Lpc1758 to lwip transplantation without any system to achieve TCP and UART transport available from PC Web terminals write data to UART serial terminals and PC displays, you can also write data from a PC serial port terminal and PC network terminal display...

Renesas four axis aircraft code

Application backgroundIn electronic contest to write code, made of two pieces of Renesas flight control, a piece posturing, the calculated height, another device control and some of the features to achieve, the fly has no problem, just a ultrasonic module high is not a problem, share to everybody, y...

LPC17xx series M3 ARM controller programming packages

NXP's official website the latest authoritative for LPC17xx series M3 ARM controller programming package;NXP's official website the latest authoritative for LPC17xx series M3 ARM controller programming package;NXP's official website the latest authoritative for LPC17xx series M3 ARM controller progr...

QR decoder based on ARM9 project training

This is an embedded training project, moderate difficulty, use the QT4 knowledge, linux socket programming, arm drive, etc. ....... code is divided into three content, the client, which is the camera data collection terminal, the server , which is the two-dimensional code decoding side, use the butt...

S3C2440 USB drive

Samsung ARM9 S3C2440 CPU, based on the works of ADS1.2 and UCOS-II, containing USBH USBD and two drivers....


Simple brushless DC motor control, FOC library, band Hall, six-State, did not join the PID, not adding over-current and over-voltage protection....

Adxl345 sensor communication code of zstack protocol stack

Based zstack adxl345 sensor communication protocol stack code, the coordinator after the establishment of the network terminal automatically join, send sensor data to the coordinator, the coordinator through the serial port to transfer data to the PC. IAR use programming environment, has been accomp...

vehichle tracking system using gsm by sms

in this project we connect a gsm and gps with avr microcontroller atmega32 to send the location to a specific number using gsm whle we get the longitude and latitude with the help of gps. in this gps receiving pin is connected to the microcontroller which gets the longitude and latitude which then t...

103 sub station source code

103 station source code, written in c language, based on VC6.0, fully functional! We want to help...

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