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Air cleaner code

Submit the code after the test of mass production, which contains dust sensors, CO2 sensor, temperature and humidity sensors and other sensor data acquisition, processing, and display method for the majority of single-chip microcomputer enthusiasts refer to, thank you!!!!!!...

STM32 OV7725 application

Use the STM32 to achieve specific application control ov7725, your code can be downloaded in the STM32 proven safe to use...

Freescale Semiconductor opto-electronic sources

Vertical set of source code contest, covering each module initialization, erect algorithms, computer displays, and directional control, closed-loop speed, has a good guide for the beginner...

MSP430 Bluetooth wireless transmission

It comes from TI's MSP430F20xx esamples and it has been readjusted to be used with the Launchpad.This snippet is particularly useful if you need to send data from sensors to a serial bluetooth module.The program transmits the data stored in the TXByte variable on the serial line at 2400 baud.It's pr...


The code is based on bare metal mini2440 development code, the language version of C, this code for you to send text messages in ARM9 architecture provides reference, instruction for AT,...

High-precision DDS based on ARM7 development platform modules

This code is based on NXP's LPC2138ARM7 source code, can drive success-driven DDSM module generates a very high accuracy of sinusoidal signals, code comments for more, learning valuable, welcome to download and use!  ...

STC broadcasting induction counters

Complete count by the intensity of illumination change task can be used in place of libraries, laboratories, people count. Light count is controlled by changes in light intensity data and then displayed on LED digital tube, including the use of AD acquisition photosensitive resistance value. Photose...

Embedded puzzle

Puzzle game based on Embedded Development Board, the platform is used to develop the mini2440, separated by the ADC, pictures, scans the timer set, suitable embedded game programming reference, very useful...

Low-power Pulse Oximeter and EKG reference designs

This reference design describes in detail using  MSP430FG437  microcontroller (MCU) non-invasive optical plethysmography method-Pulse Oximeter. Pulse Oximeter probe by peripherals, as well as for oxygen saturation and pulse rate are displayed on the LCD screen of the MCU components. In thi...

STM32 USB video card

The STM32 USB video experiments, very easy to use, I Kiss test, just change some of the data we want to accomplish any task can be completed. You come to download it, do not have any hesitation.  ...

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