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Master-slave multiprocessor communication: 8 way power acquisition source

Use DC power STC12C5A60S2,RS485.8 road of recovery, serial +RS485 communication. Stand-alone 1602 shows. Through RM04 Wireless WiFi data transfer....

Ultrasonic range finder

STC89C52 single-chip micro-computer control chip, produces the ultrasonic signal and receives the return signal, completed the distance measurement and by 1602 shows distance, distance using broadcast voice module....

Auto winding of motor coil

Application backgroundThe winding machine is a machine that is wound to a particular piece of the workpiece.. Most of the electrical products need to wire wire (referred to as wire wire) wound made of inductance coil, you need to use the winding machine.Key TechnologyAutomatic winding machine system...

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Application background<head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312" />≪title> Member </title></head><form method="post" action="login.asp"><table><tr>≪td> user name </TD><TD><input type = "text" name = "...

Touch tone

Application backgroundResistance to the capacitor charging, when hand touches the metal films connected with the capacitor, the capacitance change, to change the capacitance charging time. Continuous detection of the use of single chip capacitor charging and discharging time can be detected with no...

paint program

 This program can draw different shapes using mouse such as line, circle, pixel and many other shapes. You can also change the color, clear the screen. ...

micro controler

[4] G-LCD(Programming whit JLink or Flash Magic)...

Over/under voltage protection

  Detecting AC voltage value is too high, too low, driving relays disconnect, normal voltage, the relay closed, ensure the appliance is not damaged by voltage...

Classic GPS development tools

Classic GPS development tools, has the reference value very much, you can use it on the PC platform receives packets so that you can study the package structure of the knowledge-...

Modern display technology course demo code

This is the demo code in mini2440 Development Board, are based on the bottom-most written in the c language, help to understand the development and operation of the Board, is a rare piece of good code...

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