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Over/under voltage protection

  Detecting AC voltage value is too high, too low, driving relays disconnect, normal voltage, the relay closed, ensure the appliance is not damaged by voltage...

Modern display technology course demo code

This is the demo code in mini2440 Development Board, are based on the bottom-most written in the c language, help to understand the development and operation of the Board, is a rare piece of good code...

Matrix keyboard lock

Application backgroundMatrix keyboard lockMCU51 single chip microcomputerMore practical in daily life, to learn in order to practise the purposeKey TechnologyThe development of 51 procedures of the simple example of     suitable for beginners to learn 51 MCU...

Wireless temperature monitoring system

Application backgroundDS18B20 temperature measurement, through the NRF24 launch, with NRF24 receiver, and then the temperature displayed on the 1602...

Digital clock (digital tube)

Application backgroundOn the basis of the use of 51 single-chip, I first upload code, please comment...

Picture show

STM32-based picture display experiments on embedded systems. The STM32 to decode pictures such as BMP/JPG/JPEG/GIF, and on the LCD display...

Chinese character display experiments

STM32 control LCD display Chinese characters. Using an external FLASH to store fonts, and fonts can be updated via SD card. STM32Read the font in FLASH, and then display the Chinese characters on the top LCD....


A bill acceptor VC++ program source code, and contains many features of paper money, such as the yen, British pound, Hong Kong dollar ... Feature library. Note image processing, feature matching process...

electronic safe

electronic safeOpen Mode:In this mode the safe is open so your program should allow the user to set the code and lock it closed.Closed Mode:stay in Closed mode....

Diming control

This title is dimming control using control led. 10step is high, 1step is low. The benefit is controlling the led. also, using the avr micom, easy to develop the product and the sample. This code is reference only. if you make the product, change the source. ok? T...


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