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Cybercafe Management

Cybercafe management is a project taking care of cybercafe related functions. It record the time each user spents on selected machine and can generate reports...

Medical store management system

This mini project in C Medical Store Management System is a console application without graphic.   In this project, you can add, modify and delete records of customers, suppliers and medicines.  You can also search for customer or supplier details and medicines added into stock...

Conveyor scale program

The program display the communication between w100 and COM port of computer. each bag over conveyor scale, it save the weight of that bag....

A small VB6 program, receive weight from YHT3 scale.

A small VB6 program, receive weight from YHT3 scale, save date to access database....

The b plus tree

It is the b+ tree implements in c++, is used to lookup, insert and delate nodes, and we can create a virtual disk to used...

Warehouse management

Warehousing in the enterprise plays an important role in the supply chain as a whole, if cannot guarantee proper restocking and inventory control and delivery, will lead to increased administrative costs, and service quality can not be guaranteed, thus affecting the competitiveness of enterprises. T...

Church Management System

This Church Management System is developed using Visual Basic.NET (Compatibility - Visual Studio 2010 or above and Crystal Report must be installed on your system to run this Project Successfully) and using MS Access 2010 database in the back end....

School Information System

This program is includes student admission process, and search a particular record of student and modify and update the records and this program also provides 2 reports of students....

Employee management

It is a software which can be used in large organisations so as to trace the history of employees and also for easy update of employee information...

Practical SQLite C++ encapsulation classes

SQLite package class, simple and practical support for common operations! I felt encapsulated well, run platform: Windows, Linux, UNIX. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email

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