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The source code to connect to the database, and implements the Sqlserver and access

This code implements a c++ implemented by ADO to connect to a database and do the appropriate type and exception handling, test yourself you can use...

C ++ SQL Student Apartment Management System

This is a C ++ and SQL SERVER develop student apartment management system, which uses a lot of new technology, convenient operation....

VC++ sql2008 school management system

Attach the database to the sql2008 you can run queries for data from the add remove modify such as cascading deletes...

Student database management system

A design idea:The design is to do a single information management system is a graphical interface version. Students through the client can achieve the registration information, check the information, modify the information function. Through the connection of C++ and database, student information sto...

Zhejiang University database course design complete code

Application backgroundZhejiang University database course design, using SQL and C++ development. Complete code.The system was completed under SQL and Server2000 MFC.Key TechnologyDesign source code in the source code folderDesign report in the document folderDatabase build table SQL statements in th...

Logistics management information system

Application backgroundWith the rapid development of information technology and computer network technology, logistics industry in China is growing rapidly. And become an important driving force for the development of the national economy. However, due to the transformation of many logistics enterpri...

C # read/write database

Database read and write code to access ACCESS database is automatically created and a filtering function, requires a username matches in order to modify, revoke modify function!...

vc ++ merchandise management system

Merchandise management system, making the login screen, product number, product name, price, quantity, total amount, enter product information, delete the contents of product information, menus, etc....

college managemnt system

in these college management system contain various searches such as teacher records,student records so that easily access any informaion ....

SQLServer example

Visual Studio 2012 example in of connecting to a SQL Server are displayed in a grid.Grid contains combos date type fields....

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