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Restaurant order system

Program description: Main functions of systems management front desk Admin management System manages user login and modify Management table State replacing the tables at the front desk checkout combined billing Admin side dish system kitchen cooking add the inventory management menu menu informa...

Big storm required of a data-processing tools the latest version

Storm can be very reliable for handling huge data stream to process bulk data in Hadoop. Storm is very simple, supports many programming languages. Is the processing of large data's right-hand man....

Delphi SQL database browser

Delphi SQL database browser. You can connect to the database and query the data in the table changes....

phpMyAdmin v4.1.0 rc3

PhpMyAdmin is a PHP-based architecture in a Web-Base manner on the Web host's MySQL database management tool. PhpMyAdmin can manage a whole MySQL Server (requires root), you can manage a single database. In order to achieve the latter, you will need a reasonable set MySQL user, he could only allow r...

Hotel management system

Hotels , hotel management system , at first glance there is no direct relationship and communication systems , but the voice communication system , as a very important way to use the service position in this industry has been very special , an early and simple hotel management , including...

VC++ family financial management software

Family finance System issues are as follows: with the development of society 进步 , Individuals and families regardless of income or expenditure categories growing more complex, better memory than the so-called bad written, Use your management software to manage Family finance Information is als...

Programming VC++ database

VS 2013 compilation. Use ADO. technical visits SQL2008 database. Is part of the curriculum design. Repackaged classes easier to use                              ...

online counselling system

“ONLINE COUNCELING SYSTEM” The Online Counseling System is developed to enhance counseling. The software will be great relief to the students.The Online Counseling System is developing to enhance the      counseling, which fully works as an online.This software will be great relie...

C++ and SQL-based hotel management system

Using the C++ language, based on SQL Sever 2000 database, prepare a hotel management system. At run time, need to provide ODBC data source. The system can provide introductory reference for learning database....

MsSql database tool

Database utility helps database management and developer efficiency small tools source code.SQL Tools tool may not be supported by the system solutionIf the system database is not installed or is missing components, may result in the program does not work properly! Did not come with a solution in th...

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