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ADO database powerful encapsulation classes

MySql,Access ADO database powerful encapsulate such functionality to meet everybody's needs C++ source code, need to download it...

Human resource management system

It an Human resource management system!! This is a database project which is developed for any company covered the Human Resource System. It maintain the details of the employees, Duty responsibilities of the employees, and the payroll management of the company....

Inventory Management System using Powerbuilder 10.5

The inventory management system (IMS) is database software,it is developed using the PowerBuilder 10.5The feature of IMS as following:-1.       Handle Master Items data2.       More than one store3.       Handle the vendors &customers master data4. &n...

Recommended system instance

matalb achieve collaborative filtering, which contains many important algorithms have been realized...

Student achievement management

Course design of database attach source code. School student achievement management system. Teachers can view modify student achievement. Viewing scores of students. Landing pattern to distinguish between authenticated. Only needs to be imported into the software you can use...

hospital management

This project is very helpful for the beginners who wanna learn database programming in java.....Instructions:1.Open Control Panel2 Click Administrative Tools3.Open DataSources(ODBC)4.Click the Add button the select Microsoft Access Driver(*mdb,*accdb) the click Finish5.On the Dialog window, fill the...

Hospital registration system and calling system

Hospital registration number system written in VB, introduction to code, powerful, VB hospital Queuing software worth watching,...

UML modeling Student communication information management systems

Information management systems can provide adequate means of information and quick inquiry are an indispensable part of today's information-sharing. Student information management system is intended to facilitate communication links between classmates after graduation, haven't linked to quickly and...

MATLAB simulation of line code

Suppose a Bank has 4 Windows external customers, banks open from the morning onwards to customers into the Bank. Because each window at some point and only one customer, so the large number of customers requires sequential line up in front of each window, for customers who walk into a Bank, if a win...

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