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Student Identity Module

Nowadays internetplays an important role in student’s daily life. Every student’s wants informationon their fingertips, and now colleges are going to be overcrowded, the accessto basic and needful information is going to be more and more difficult day byday. Being a group of students our team ha...

Door to door vegetable service

Door to Door vegetable service is a program that is for the people who can order vegetable from their home and the vegetables will deiliverd to their home. this program is for  the admin who can  manage  the inventory of their vegetable ...

Banking Project

This project is basically use any bank purpose. Which recorded the whole bank transactions happened within the bank. So there is ni need for file creations which is not save for longer period of time....

Customers maintenance

Customers maintenance recorded the customers information for future purpose.Customers maintenance was implemented in vb, because vb is very simple and easy to understanding in very Short time . In this we use just drag and drop concept....

School Management project

School management project is a complete combo project with student details, term test, total marks obtained, bus route, time table, sms facility....

Personal Information System

To Control my information system it is a very smart simple project. You can learn how to add, update, delete and query with php mysql language...  ...

Credit payment application

Credit (from Latin credere translation. "to believe") is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party where that second party does not reimburse the first party immediately (thereby generating a debt), but instead arranges either to repay or return those...

Student Information System

This Student Information System is developed using Php and MySQL. It is my major project in Webpage Development II. I got a grade of 1.25 for this one. Hope this helps! ...

User name usability check

Application background This source code will check the availability of the username before saving to the users table. This is important so that the user can trigger if the data is already exists. This is using ajax so that it will not refresh the page and display the response if exists or not. Hop...

Online management

Application background a student is allowed to apply only once a month.. Features : Student: 1)Signup 2)Login 3)Request Leave 4)Leave status 5)View profile 6)Edit profile 7)change password Key Technology admin: 1)Approve lea...


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