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Student achievement management

Course design of database attach source code. School student achievement management system. Teachers can view modify student achievement. Viewing scores of students. Landing pattern to distinguish between authenticated. Only needs to be imported into the software you can use...

Conveyor scale program

The program display the communication between w100 and COM port of computer. each bag over conveyor scale, it save the weight of that bag....

The b plus tree

It is the b+ tree implements in c++, is used to lookup, insert and delate nodes, and we can create a virtual disk to used...

Employee management

It is a software which can be used in large organisations so as to trace the history of employees and also for easy update of employee information...

Apriori Frequent Itemset Mining

This is a datamining tool for apriori algorithm. This wrote in c# and .NET 2.0, very easy to understand and you can rewrite it to make it more efficient....

php codes for arrays andcookies

it is code fo PHP of arrays. arrays stores data. it can be input data and output data. also it includes codes for pages.Login pages for using cookies. ...

Efficient Claim System

This Is Efficient Claim system For Clients, and more over this is Client Based Technology with good Efficiency...

BANKING system

A nice banking system for co oporate been written under C++ .developed by a team called ASN in ghana...which was lunch in 2013 july,,it has hit the market...

Payroll System

In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, .... as well as the costs of systems and software needed to process a payroll...

قاموس اكثر من4000 كلمة

I update this file. It designed in Excel file As database. this file includes around 4000 word. the user can access it and search for any word meaning. It include Arabic - english words....

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