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Employee management

It is a software which can be used in large organisations so as to trace the history of employees and also for easy update of employee information...

Efficient Claim System

This Is Efficient Claim system For Clients, and more over this is Client Based Technology with good Efficiency...

BANKING system

A nice banking system for co oporate been written under C++ .developed by a team called ASN in ghana...which was lunch in 2013 july,,it has hit the market...

Payroll System

In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, .... as well as the costs of systems and software needed to process a payroll...

Hotel management system

Management of hotel design in the design, there are some preliminary designs, such as add/remove of the hotel people and so on. There are members of management, as well as the statistical system on the number of hotels. It is a semi-finished product, but there is such rich in volume....


 /* The  Visual C# 2010 code for Multi-Texton Histogram.             For more information, refer to:             Guang-Hai Liu, Lei Zhang,etc. Image Retrieval Based on Multi-Texton Histogram. Pattern Recognition,2010, 43(7):2380...

teste teste new

welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome w...

The Green journey 2

The Green journey 2 Last by quyan123456789 in 2013-8-28 16:59 I post this edit $ Z: [. G6 {& h6 u M) M1 e* B Post made almost 1 year, now a top post Nice 3$k$|%z) J1_ But there are 230,000 people view, 70,000 people will download, posters have 5,000 people, after reading th...

transport application

this  application is used to provide managing and maintaining transport facilities . here is  useful  code for implementation of such application....

Students information with MS Access connectivity

This project mainly concentrates on database connectivity.Connectivity is vital factor in database systems. It is a factor which decides functionality and efficiency of application. It is nothing but reflection of changes made in front end  are to be reflected in back end and vice versa. Here,...

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