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28335 no position motor control

Application backgroundTMS320F28335 digital signal processor TI, a TMS320C28X series DSP controller. Compared with the previous fixed point DSP, the device has high precision, low cost, low power consumption, high performance, high level of peripheral integration, large data and program memory, A/D c...

FIR DSP2812 filter

Application backgroundDigital signal algorithm, mainly used for digital signal processing, digital signal analysisKey TechnologyBased on the FIR TMS320F2812 filtering procedures, detailed notes, novice reference to learn to use...


Application backgroundADC CLOCK COMPARATOR FLASH HFXT LPM3 TIMER TOGGLEIO UART WATCHDOG code MSP430!!! Source code is TheBeginner MSP430 routines. Can compile and test on theMSP430 a!!Key TechnologyFor msp430. and it can compile and test on the Msp430. Code...

SPWM based DSP waveform generator

Application backgroundDSP2812 in the SPWM waveform, has been debugging through, the program written in C language, the more detailed notesKey TechnologySPWM (PWM Sinusoidal) method is a relatively mature, the current use of a wide range of pwm. One of the important conclusions of the theory of sampl...

2015 electric power

Application background2015 issue of the source code, after detailed notes, it is easy to understand. Source implementation is as follows:AD part: the P1.0 (CN1 5) and P1.1 (CN1 6) is given to the test voltage (partial pressure not more than 5V), the conversion is displayed on the 12864 LCD screen;DA...

DSP beginners

Application backgroundSTM28335 for the controller to control the DC motor rotation, including the PWM pulse and PID double closed-loop speed control, including current loop and speed, and in the design algorithm, the idea of intelligent control algorithm, so that the speed adjustment effect is bette...

Dsp2833x series header file

Application backgroundDSP2833x series header files, useful for the development of DSP series...

Dsp2833x series header file

Application backgroundDSP2833x series header files, DSP development is very important document...

6713 quad core communication

Application backgroundThis is the 4 core communication between the 6713 nuclear routines, there are detailed notes, very useful...

4 core 6713 of the burning of the routine

Application backgroundResource descriptionThis is the Milky Way soar 4 Nuclear 6713 burning routine, there is a detailed description of the design, very useful! It is in a piece of FLASH after burning, while boot four nuclear....

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