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Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Based on TMS320F240

Application backgroundDSP is applied to a chip TMS320F240, control of the switched reluctance motor control program, the motor is 12/8 pole, the three position switch, the voltage is 310V DC power, the algorithm including the current PI regulation and speed of PI regulation.Key TechnologyThe SRM alg...

DSP beginners

Application backgroundSTM28335 for the controller to control the DC motor rotation, including the PWM pulse and PID double closed-loop speed control, including current loop and speed, and in the design algorithm, the idea of intelligent control algorithm, so that the speed adjustment effect is bette...

Phase shifted full bridge converter based on 28027

Application backgroundBased on the DSP company's fixed point TMS320F28027 TI development of the full bridge phase shifted full bridge, the content is very comprehensive, suitable for digital power. Input voltage 400V output voltage of 12V, power rating of 600W, the main code based on the controlsuit...

DSK6713 operating under the CCS5 project

Application backgroundA workspace folder containing two example projects from the book is supplied in file C6713 file C6713 has deliberately been made quite small, providing just two example projects and not duplicating common support files that are supplied on th...

2833X series header file

Application backgroundThese two header files are on the 2833X series, _device.h DSP2833x_Cpu and tiimer.h DSP2833X...

Dsp2833x series header file

Application backgroundDSP2833x series header files, useful for the development of DSP series...

Dsp2833x series header file

Application backgroundDSP2833x series header files, DSP development is very important document...

6713 quad core communication

Application backgroundThis is the 4 core communication between the 6713 nuclear routines, there are detailed notes, very useful...

4 core 6713 of the burning of the routine

Application backgroundResource descriptionThis is the Milky Way soar 4 Nuclear 6713 burning routine, there is a detailed description of the design, very useful! It is in a piece of FLASH after burning, while boot four nuclear....

Embedded C6000 DSP image processing platform OpenCV perfect transplant

Application background        programming platform for the development of DSP - C6000 TI series of image processing chips, the development environment for the successful transplantation of the OpenCV CCS5.5. library embedded image processing library EMCV.      &nbs...

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