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Radar gun and ranging DSP realization

Unified set bandwidth (BandWidth), and pulse wide (TimeWidth), and sampling rate (Fs), and pulse repeated frequency (PRF), and radar RF (RF), and noise power (NoisePower), with MATLAB produced 16 a linear FM (LFM) pulse signal, each pulse has 4 a target (still, speed, negative high-speed, high-speed...

DSP control of stepper motor

DSP-controlled stepper motors using DSP control stepper motor pole to the study of step motor control reference...

TMS320LF2407 controlled brushless DC motor c language program

Accessory is my DSP2812 the development of brushless DC motor control, the program is constructed on the basis of TI's BLDC3_1 software to achieve velocity loop PID control for brushless DC motor, the effect can be.Among them, the system of brushless DC motor with HALL sensor, so it needs further im...

Image sharpening based on Leonardo da Vinci DM6437

On-board system based on DM6437 chip, connect the computer and DSP emulator, the output of the camera input connected to the output board, the board received a monitor. In CCS3.3, open the project, compile and run, resulting .out file is downloaded to the chip to run the project. The project's featu...

Four-element array of passive acoustic localization algorithm for DSP program

Analog signal through external sound source A/D7865 Collector testified that, DSP Signal processor TMS320F28335 external expansion port XINTF To write data to the data buffer, for signal detection, detect acoustic signals, interception of signal correlation process, estimating acoustic signals to mi...

DSP routines of spwm

Use DSP28335 achieve three parallel control channel interleaving bidirectional DC-DC converter, notes, etc., based on the c language, suitable for beginners to learn, very easy to understand....

F2812 read and write E2PROM:AT25128

This program implements tms320f2812 with SPI module, reading and writing e2prom:AT25128, tests available, configure the SPI model, this program element is important to note that, when you read and write to external memory, speed restrictions due to peripheral devices, DSP read/write speed is not too...

DSP Ensigma Library

Collection of DSP algorithms including FFT, LMS, IIR, FIR, matrix operations, Hamming and Hanning windows generation, white noise generation....

Arduino temperature control

Application backgroundSoftware developed to perform temperature control of a metal block. The control is done using a PID controller and the duties of the Arduino microcontroller. The software showed good results.Key TechnologyArduino, microcontroler, PID, Development, Proporcional, Integrator, meas...

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