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Gear box fault diagnosis system research

Analyzes various gear box fault information collection, and use the matlab software to add algorithm to analyze the collected information, and get the information to any fault of the acquisition, ready to judge the position and degree of the failure. So as long as there is enough sample data, to ana...

DSP routines of spwm

Use DSP28335 achieve three parallel control channel interleaving bidirectional DC-DC converter, notes, etc., based on the c language, suitable for beginners to learn, very easy to understand....

F2812 read and write E2PROM:AT25128

This program implements tms320f2812 with SPI module, reading and writing e2prom:AT25128, tests available, configure the SPI model, this program element is important to note that, when you read and write to external memory, speed restrictions due to peripheral devices, DSP read/write speed is not too...

DSP Ensigma Library

Collection of DSP algorithms including FFT, LMS, IIR, FIR, matrix operations, Hamming and Hanning windows generation, white noise generation....

Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Based on TMS320F240

Application backgroundDSP is applied to a chip TMS320F240, control of the switched reluctance motor control program, the motor is 12/8 pole, the three position switch, the voltage is 310V DC power, the algorithm including the current PI regulation and speed of PI regulation.Key TechnologyThe SRM alg...

DSP28335 (PMSM) program

Application background  for the control of AC permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), two aspects of the power circuit and control method are analyzed and designed, and the fuzzy PID control technology of space vector pulse width modulation is realized. Is a very good learning PMSM source co...

MAD method best method for reduction noise from speech noisy

this code useful in Matlab and best useful that useful in reduction noise from speech noisy.  ...

convolutuion encoding and viterbi decoding

 Viterbi decoder V3.0.1 This package provides encoders and fast Viterbi decoders for the NASA standard rate 1/2 and rate 1/3 constraint length 7 convolutional codes. Two versions of these encoder and decoder are provided, one for blocked data (with user specified initial and termi...

TMS320VC5509 open source

This file contains all the source code TMS320VC5509 Development Board, as well as the Development Board schematics, Datasheet of various peripheral chips, especially suitable for beginners to learn, has at least 10 routines, as well as Development Board user manual can teach you how to use the chip...

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