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F2812 read and write E2PROM:AT25128

This program implements tms320f2812 with SPI module, reading and writing e2prom:AT25128, tests available, configure the SPI model, this program element is important to note that, when you read and write to external memory, speed restrictions due to peripheral devices, DSP read/write speed is not too...

DSP recognition

To TMS320C6205 for processor, design a real-time image recognition system. with SAA7111 and FPGA completed no DSP intervention of image collection and storage, through DMA achieved image transmission and DSP recognition of parallel Executive. system will triggered, and collection, and storage, and r...

DSP28335 program

Application backgroundhardware implementation of bldc sensorless controlKey Technologydsp programming in c.........for speed control of bldc motor...

DSP embedded wireless communication system development example fine .pdf

DSP embedded wireless communications system development examples fine. is a very good book for learning DSP, there are many instances of the wireless communications, has the reference value very much....

TMS320F2812 for SPWM output

SPWM (Sinusoidal PWM) method is a more mature, wider PWM method currently in use. An important conclusion of the sampled-data control theory: the impulse shape is the same narrow pulse combined with inertia on the part of time, the effect is almost the same. SPWM method is to the conclusions for the...

TI DM6437 video_preview engineering

TI DM6437 project, the project main image input by the DSP VPFE VPBE output after, culminating in FITFT_RTS function displayed on the LCD module, simple and suitable for beginners. CCS3.3 environment....

DSP implementation of OFDM communication system

Application backgroundAs one of the key technologies of OFDM, LTE is used more and more widely. This code is a OFDM communication system, which is a reference value in DSP.Key TechnologyOFDM (Frequency Division Multiplexing Orthogonal) is the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (Modulation) t...

DSP 335 can

Application backgroundCan bus in the DSP embedded controller, can be very good with the CAN bus communication, can bus can hang a lot of nodes, very convenient. It is easier to achieve. Under the common action of the external can transceiver chip, the can_H can and can_L levels are connected by a pa...

resample, fractional number supported

resample implement, easy to use.  decimate, interp with unfractional number, resample with fractional number supported. I also give an example to show you how to use this code wav developed in Linux OS, but it also can be planted on Window (no need change code, just create an dsp in...

fir filter, including lpf/hpf/bandpass/bandstop

fir filter, you can use low pass filter... to filter the audio digital signal or other signal...

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