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fir filter, including lpf/hpf/bandpass/bandstop

fir filter, you can use low pass filter... to filter the audio digital signal or other signal...

ALU in Vhdl

This code will generate ALU blocks using IP cores in Xilinx design suite. IP cores are Intectual Property, The IP cores here i have used are free of cost. IP cores is reliable and tested well before release. So the code coverage and fast to implement....

Can be directly in the DSP with the image threshold processing C code

This code can be used directly in DM642, to achieve the function of image threshold processing. Use the platform is CCS, very good use of valuable resources. Very complete code...



TEM320 DSP280x CPU time setting

Texas 儀 DSP CPU time of the DSP280x Setup program, have been in the standard pad 測 試 sometimes! chasing after the normal!!!...

c24x FFT Library

    ;************************************************************************************* ;*********************** SECTION 1: FFT LIBRARY *********************************** ;************************************************************************************* Thank you for...

Bf533fft engineering

From the open source ADSP-bf533 project code, this code for the Fourier transform can be used for simulation display changes before and after the transformation of a wave for beginners...

simple viterbi decoder by using matlab

generally operated Viterbi decoder. 1. the number of memory (ex: 3) 2. polynomials (ex : g1=[1 0 1 1], g2=[1, 1, 1, 1]) 3. frame number (ex : 200) 4. frame length (ex : 60)  can be changed....

DSP ADC using routines

This example configures CPU Timer0, 1, and 2 and increment a counter each time the timers assert an interrupt. ON THE OTHER SIDE, I WANT TO F*U*C8K THIS WEBsite BUILDER'S MOM, HOW DARE YOU!...

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