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Using the DSP2812 control of BLDCM, realization of PID control

This code implements a simple permanent magnet brushless DC motor starts running, you can add the code implements a PID control....

DSP 335 can

Application backgroundCan bus in the DSP embedded controller, can be very good with the CAN bus communication, can bus can hang a lot of nodes, very convenient. It is easier to achieve. Under the common action of the external can transceiver chip, the can_H can and can_L levels are connected by a pa...

2833X series header file

Application backgroundThese two header files are on the 2833X series, _device.h DSP2833x_Cpu and tiimer.h DSP2833X...

resample, fractional number supported

resample implement, easy to use.  decimate, interp with unfractional number, resample with fractional number supported. I also give an example to show you how to use this code wav developed in Linux OS, but it also can be planted on Window (no need change code, just create an dsp in...



c24x FFT Library

    ;************************************************************************************* ;*********************** SECTION 1: FFT LIBRARY *********************************** ;************************************************************************************* Thank you for...

Morbid matrix inverse

Introduction to algorithms used in LU-decomposition inverse matrix condition number of a great-conditioned matrix handling when solving linear equations, results, smaller than the Gaussian elimination method of computational complexity....

C implementation of MATLAB in signal processing library Blackman window

MATLAB in signal processing library c-implementation Blackman window, window functions can be extended to other implementations....


This projects implements an 32 point Decimation In Time Fast Fourier Transform....


Example Description:* This example initializes the cache using the rCSL macros to configure* the L1, L2, and MAR bits to enhance the performance of source code* located in external memory. To illustrate the performance enhancement,* the example uses the C674x DSP Library assembly function* DSPF_sp_f...

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