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Flash NAND controller VHDL code

The information is based on the NAND flash FPGA controller research, language is VHDL, the code has been verified by simulation...


SVPWM pulse generation. VHDL code for Induction Motor...


SVPWM pulse generation. VHDL code for Induction Motor...

HDLC Protocol

FPGA implementation of HDLC Protocol, using the VHDL language, which is releasing the frame HDCL, sliced add external interfaces...

Radix-8 Booth Encoded Modulo

vhdl code for Radix-8 Booth Encoded Module  Multipliers With Adaptive Delay for High Dynamic Range Residue Number System...

vhdl code for different adders

A multiplier is one of the key hardware blocks in most digital and high performance systems such as FIR filters, digital signal processors and microprocessors etc. With advances in technology, many researchers have tried and are trying to design multipliers which offer either of the following- hi...

vhdl code for latch_ff_comb for d_comb ckt in vhdl

library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; entity d_comb is     port(    enable:in std_logic;          d:in std_logic;          q:out std_logic); end d_comb; architecture rtl of d_comb is begin p...

SDI to HDMI video converter and transmitter

this project receive hd-sdi broadcast video and convert it to HDMI interface for showing on the monitor. this project only need 20 bits video data and extract timing flags from it and using that flags first convert YCbCr video data to RGB data and then encode to HDMI. this module need 74...

high speed ADC-ADC08D1000 comunication in FPGA

This is a program developed by Arron lee, in order to control ADC08D1000 Analog-to-digital device in FPGA, Xilinx Virtex-4 SX35 FPGA is applied here, the DCM is used to control the clock path in FPGA, the clock source is AD9517 which controled by serial port in FPGA...


it contains half-adder vhdl code and simulate formalso, there is test bench coding for half-adder, which means writers can gave a clock by himself.likea <= '0', '1' after 5ns, '0' after 10ns, '1' after 15ns, '0' after 20ns, '1'after 25ns, '0' after 30ns, '1' after 35ns;b <= '0', '1' after...

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