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FPGA中实现的硬件UDP 协议

FPGA中实现的硬件UDP 协议 FPGA中实现的硬件UDP 协议...

Advanced turbo decoder using vhdl

In information theory, turbo codes (originally in French Turbocodes) are a class of high-performance forward error correction (FEC) codes developed in 1993, which were the first practical codes to closely approach the channel capacity, a theoretical maximum for the code rate at which reliable commun...

flappy bird in vhdl

Flappy bird is a quite famous game, developed by a Vietnamese developer –MrDong H. Nguyen on iOSand Android platform.With the simple but very fascinating, it‟s has attracted millions people all over the world downloaded and played it. It has beat the 1st of Top Free apps of both App st...

Design of multifunctional modem based on VHDL

Modem is in the transmitter by modulation and converts the digital signal into an analog signal, and through it at the receiver demodulation of a device that converts analog signals to digital signals. The program written in VHDL language, implements binary amplitude shift keying (2ASK) modulation a...

Pong game on FPGA

This project implements a pong-game on Altera fpga. The game controller is built on the fpga. Player uses keyboards which are connected to fpga boards to play game. The game is displayed on the VGA screen. All components such as keyboards, VGA screen are controlled by the controller....

8 - Bit Modified Booth Multiplier

This is a Radix 4 modified Booth multiplier for 8 bits. It can be used for the multiplication of operands of any size......

Rs232 using vhdl

Disign RS232 controller using vhdl on Altera DE2. This is a serial module which is useful for embed systems....

Calculator using 8085 assembly

Use the 7-seg LED display on-board (Address & Data fields) to display the Hours: Minutes: Seconds in decimal. This will mean you have a real-time clock running on the board. Also provide the following extra features (for incentive marks!!): (a) A timer facility (Provide Start and S...

VHDL frequency meter

Using the frequency meter VHDL write and modules divided into clear, basic principles for the detection of pulse signals in the life cycle of a gate frequency, use the four-segment digital tube display...

Adder in VHDL

This program is an  adder for two floating numbers using VHDL language....

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