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FPGA source audio signal Analyzer

Audio signal through consists of the OPAMP and the resistance of the 50Ohm impedance matching circuit to meet the input impedance 50 Ohm system requirements, calculation of signal power. In order to ensure that this signal is undistorted sampled signals through the cut-off frequency for the 10Khz an...

VHDL-based design and analysis of digital clock

Digital Clock is a digital circuit implementation, minutes, seconds, timing devices, compared with the mechanical clock has a higher accuracy and intuitive, and no mechanical devices, with longer life, so it has been widely use. In principle figure is a typical digital circuit, including combination...

CCSDS predictive coding

The latest FPGA implementation of CCSDS standard hyperspectral image compression algorithm, using VHDL implementation. Please refer to. Definitely good value for money, I hope to help you design!...

Design of multifunctional modem based on VHDL

Modem is in the transmitter by modulation and converts the digital signal into an analog signal, and through it at the receiver demodulation of a device that converts analog signals to digital signals. The program written in VHDL language, implements binary amplitude shift keying (2ASK) modulation a...

Pong game on FPGA

This project implements a pong-game on Altera fpga. The game controller is built on the fpga. Player uses keyboards which are connected to fpga boards to play game. The game is displayed on the VGA screen. All components such as keyboards, VGA screen are controlled by the controller....

Calculator using 8085 assembly

Use the 7-seg LED display on-board (Address & Data fields) to display the Hours: Minutes: Seconds in decimal. This will mean you have a real-time clock running on the board. Also provide the following extra features (for incentive marks!!): (a) A timer facility (Provide Start and S...

VLSI based built in self test for soc

Design of amba and ahp bridge for soc solution and its test strategy. It is used by xilinx and model sim and  synthesis results shows better predictor of handshaking between two communicating protocols. The design  shows in terms of efficient area and speed....

FPGA source code

FPGA source code published, including multi-level digital FM modulation VHDL programsFPGA driven LCD display Chinese characters "year" program, LED ADC0809 VHDL program are displayed statically andDAC0832 interface program...

SDI to HDMI video converter and transmitter

this project receive hd-sdi broadcast video and convert it to HDMI interface for showing on the monitor. this project only need 20 bits video data and extract timing flags from it and using that flags first convert YCbCr video data to RGB data and then encode to HDMI. this module need 74...

Learn VHDL displays a six-digit

During the eight-digit seven-segment digital display control display on 8-bit 学号 , To display the 的 学号 You can ride Sequence changes, device validation error-free and running well....

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