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Design of multifunctional modem based on VHDL

Modem is in the transmitter by modulation and converts the digital signal into an analog signal, and through it at the receiver demodulation of a device that converts analog signals to digital signals. The program written in VHDL language, implements binary amplitude shift keying (2ASK) modulation a...

VLSI based built in self test for soc

Design of amba and ahp bridge for soc solution and its test strategy. It is used by xilinx and model sim and  synthesis results shows better predictor of handshaking between two communicating protocols. The design  shows in terms of efficient area and speed....

FPGA source code

FPGA source code published, including multi-level digital FM modulation VHDL programsFPGA driven LCD display Chinese characters "year" program, LED ADC0809 VHDL program are displayed statically andDAC0832 interface program...

Adaptive Filter

Due to increase in environment impairments i.e diffraction, scattering, reflection and rarefaction, consequences are the loss of signal line of sight and interference. Adaptive signal processing is there to overcome these impairments. This code is written in VERY HIGH SPEED HARDWARE DESCRIPTIVE LANG...

FPGA taxi meter

This code is absolutely true, original for Changsha University of EDA course design of taxi meter. On the basis of the code requires adding display speed and alarm functions. Hope this code on demand by students help!...

FPGA Clock display + flower +LCD

Xlinx sparten 3E experimental Board, clock alarm, alarm clocks to play electronic music, clock, alarm clock with LCD screen display. Written by Pro-testing available.                       &...

reed solomon encoder

This library package provides several forward error correction (FEC)decoders and accelerated primitives useful in digital signalprocessing (DSP). Except for the Reed-Solomon codecs, these functionstake full advantage of the MMX, SSE and SSE2 SIMD instruction sets onIntel/AMD IA-32 processors and the...

SDRAM code

SDRAM will be emphasized in the final code is that the topic dominated by technology, since for reasons of space, it is not possible from the superficial aspects of, so you still need to have technology as a guarantee, while readers interested in memory are absolutely not to be missed, this may be y...

lsb based visible and invisible watermarking

<span style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:150%;font-family:"">Theincreasing amount of digital exchangeable data generates new informationsecurity needs. Users expect that robust solutions will ensure copyrightprotection and also guarantee the authenticity of multimedia documents...

Digital clock design based on FPGA

Specific design elementsTimer function: the basic functions of digital watches, LCD display is required, the display format is hour, minute, second;School functions: user can change the current time.Setting the clock time: the user can set the alarm time, its operation, like school;Hour timekeeping...

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