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Rate generator

Application background Generic module to generate reconfigurable baud rate from source clock frequency. This module can be used for UART, Custom Serial Protocols etc. Povides a CLK generator module to generate selectable  -- baud rates  -- clk source(with selecta...

Effective execution of sub byte

Application background This file includes implementation of sub bytes with mathematical calculations. Both lookup table and combinational method have been included. Key TechnologyVhdl programming language for Xilinx Xc3s400 has been used in these codes....

Hardware fast multiplication

Application backgroundVHDL code for fast multiplication of arrays. Developed as part of Principal Component Analysis project made in FPGA. The code was developed to make vector binary multiplication as fast as possible when implemented in reconfigurable hardware platforms. The program can be opened...

A chain Merkle signature encryption processor architecture

Application backgroundOne-time signature schemes rely on hash functions and are, therefore, assumed to be resistant to attacks by quantum computers. These approaches inherently raise a key management problem, as the key pair can be used only for one message. That means, for one-time signature sche...


Application backgroundthis code is useful for actuator and sensor in can network for fulfill a good connection with other node and master.Key Technologyvhdl code  -can controller- bit stuffing- crc- checksum - mask - acceptance code...

Digital stopwatch design

Application backgroundThis feature is the stopwatch count to 59 minutes 59 seconds 9, and can let the count pause and cleared. Adopted a combination of six frequency, two decimal and decimal combination, coupled with the scan circuit design....

Frequency division program

Principle diagram and procedures, have been debugged! Can be used directly!...

Adaptive LMS equalizer

Adaptive LMS Equalizer In communication systems channel poses an important role. channels can convolve many different kind of distortions to our information. In perticular wireless channels multipath distortion is sevear.  and more sevear is such distortion is random.  To hand...

mod-6 counter

In almost all digital systems, counters are extensively used in areas such as frequency synthesizers, analog-to-digital converters and circuits used in communication systems (Gifty and Kashwan, 2012). A synchronous counter in particular, is the counter type in which all the flip-flops in the coun...


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