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FFT programs, based on Verilog

FFT programs based on VHDL language, 256, rotation factor exists to write your own ROM inside, multipliers and data storage using IP core, if it needs to use, you need to add IP core, cannot be run...

Verilog UART Model

the universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter is used in most microcontrollers and microprocessor the program describes the basic working of the uart model...

Verilog code for UDP protocol

Verilog grammar written in network UDP protocol   UDP packets sent and received can be achieved   using Verilog grammar written in network UDP protocol   UDP packets sent and received can be achieved   UDP protocols using Verilog grammar written Network   send and receive UD...

SRAM full--Verilog language

This code is based on Xilinx FPGA development platform, using Verilog language, full SRAM all functions. Has been tested to verify....

ufm demo about lattice CPLD

ufm demo about lattice CPLD , use this project, can use the inter flash about lattice CPLD...

Elliptic-curve cryptography Verilog code

Elliptical encryption algorithms (ECC) is a public key encryption system, originally proposed by Miller and Koblitz, whom in 1985, its mathematical basis is the use of rational points on elliptic curves Abel ellipse on the additive group of the computational difficulty of the discrete logarithm.Stud...

VGA display program display a happy birthday

Procedure is to write your own, the program's main function is to achieve VGA display. Display for the "happy birthday", and displayed the cake graphics. Happy birthday to four characters to display on your screen....

FIR filter

It is fir filter implementation parametrized for data bit width,fixed point widths of cofficients and data, and order of filter. ...

Design of 8 simple RISC-CPU

Reduced instruction set of the overall design and implementation of a simple 8-bit RISC CPU based functions, including addition, subtraction, and, or, XOR operation, RAM can also be read or write operations. In addition, there is RISC_CPU research paper, which contains a RISC-CPU design principle an...

Verilog implementation of CPU system

Simple CPU processing on your hardware using Verilog system and can handle simple assembly language code. This code implements the assembler's single-cycle execution on the CPU....

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