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SPI verilog source code

The Serial Peripheral Interface or SPI bus is a synchronous serial data link, a de facto standard, named by Motorola, that operates in full duplex mode. It is used for short distance, single  master communication, for example in embedded systems, sensors, and SD cards. Devices comm...

Design of High Performance 64 bit MAC Unit

A design of high performance 64 bit Multiplier-and-Accumulator (MAC) is implemented in this paper. MAC unit  performs important operation in many of the digital signal processing (DSP) applications. The multiplier is designed using modified Wallace multiplier  and the add...

verilog uart 115200

Using serial port UART transmission module written in Verilog, sending rate to 115200, input clock for 50m for many years validation without errors...

AXI slave Verilog implementation of agreements

AXI (Advanced eXtensible Interface) is a bus protocol, which was proposed by the ARM company AMBA (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture) 3.0 protocol for the most part, is a high-performance, high-bandwidth, low-latency-oriented films Internal bus 。 It addresses/separation of control and data...

VGA color display the Verilog code for Xilinx FPGA

Verilog implementation of FPGA VGA sesser stripes display code, test absolutely right, can successfully implement functionality....

Nexys 4 digital tube display clock

On Nexys4 Development Board implements a clock display, using persistence of vision function of digital output, but due to problems of time, hour digits only designs a bit, need two plus one....

SPI Verilog implementation of detailed and comprehensive

Verilog implementation of SPI (a very comprehensive and detailed, but also with a SPI algorithm annotations), this code is the SPI interface's Master and slaver Verilog source code...

APB protocol

APB master and slave implemented in verilog. State machines of both master and slave is designed, APB mainly is used for low bandwidth peripherals. ...

Four ov7670 camera image acquisition and VGA display system based on FPGA

Application backgroundApplication in multi - channel image parallel acquisition and display.Key TechnologyBased on the FPGA image processing development board completed a four way image acquisition, and send VGA sub screen display, the program is written in the Verilog hardware language, the camera...

DDS digital signal generator

Write your own DDS generators, square wave, triangle wave, sine wave, you can also enter any Waveform files...

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