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Design of High Performance 64 bit MAC Unit

A design of high performance 64 bit Multiplier-and-Accumulator (MAC) is implemented in this paper. MAC unit  performs important operation in many of the digital signal processing (DSP) applications. The multiplier is designed using modified Wallace multiplier  and the add...

verilog uart 115200

Using serial port UART transmission module written in Verilog, sending rate to 115200, input clock for 50m for many years validation without errors...

VGA color display the Verilog code for Xilinx FPGA

Verilog implementation of FPGA VGA sesser stripes display code, test absolutely right, can successfully implement functionality....

USB Driver and VGA Interface for FPGA

This is source code for a USB bouncing ball and VGA driver kit for the Altera DE2-115 board. Note that it's in SystemVerilog which is 100% compatible with verilog (ie you can rename the files as .v and it still works). I'd suggest using a de2 board for compilation as that's what I'm using. a test im...

FFT code for verilog

A fast Fourier transform (FFT) is an algorithm to compute the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and its inverse. Fourier analysis converts time (or space) to frequency and vice versa; an FFT rapidly computes such transformations byfactorizing the DFT matrix into a product of sparse factors....

Verilog matlab IIR digital filter

Verilog matlab IIR digital filter, IIR low pass filter, MATLAB and Verilog program exactly correspond to IIR low pass filter, MATLAB and Verilog program exactly correspond to IIR low pass filter, corresponding to MATLAB and Verilog program...

Verilog AD9910 code

Application backgroundAD9910 is a direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) with 14 DAC bit, which supports up to 1 GSPS of the sampling rate. AD9910 uses advanced DDS patented technology, without sacrificing the performance of the premise can greatly reduce power consumption. The high frequency an...

IIC bus Verilog implementation (read and write 16 for the data)

Application backgroundThis code is the subject of the research in the driver of a peripheral module, in order to read and write commands in the peripheral IIC bus transmission protocol, but because of the device's command and register state to the word as the unit, the general situation of the IIC b...

Floating Point Unit

This document describes the Verilog double precision floating point core, these cores are designed to meet the IEEE 754 standard for double precision floating point arithmetic. Floating Point IP Core (Verilog) The floating point IP core is separated into 7 source files: 1. fpu_double.v...

I2C verilog

I2C verilog files. Define a simple interface of I2C. After testing to ensure the using....

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