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DE2_70_D5M_LTM mainly in the DE2-70 development of a video capture and LTM displayed on the platform process, the platform can be used as image processing and graphics hardware, the system can be improved and extended, such as video surveillance systems...

Simple 32bit RISC CPU core

I am INHA Univ student at South korea. This is project result of coumputer architecture.IT's CPU Core, 32bit RISC system. It can be opreated at 300 MIPS. 1cycle / 1instruction system.It propose Simple Harvard Architecture. and Do simple Arithmetic logic....

Finger print recognition

Finger print recognition using wavelet transform for feature extraction.. thinning using threshold and matching using hamming distance.....

micro sd card interface(sdmode)

This code implements an SD card interface driver functions is realized in sdmode read and write rates of 50Mbps, you can also add additional commands to sketch rates of 100Mbps, and file systems can be realized in this interface easily on the basis, so as to achieve the required functionality for yo...

Cheap FPGA analog oscilloscope display

Shows with cheap FPGA  for analog Oscilloscopes, with Quartus II project files, schematics PCB diagram....

FPGA logic Analyzer

Quartus Verilog Logic Analyzer, digital signal (corresponding to detecting analog signal with an oscilloscope), VGA display output. After my debugging is available....

Time measurement based on FPGA and AD a/d conversion

This is our school curriculum topics, code using the Verilog language on FPGA is used to write the given distance and other parameters of the measurement of time and receives the analog transmitter AD and DA conversion.  Among them, the technical indicators are as follows AD sample rate: 1GSPS,...

FPGA'for' cycle

Written in the Verilog language for circulation and used to verify whether in the FPGA can writing a for loop in c, it turned out although the emulation to get the right result, but in real engineering are not compile-time takes 24 hours to complete, so I chose another method to loop through, after...


fpga usb接口系统设计实例,实现了usb通讯,控制相关器件完成高速数据采集,存储,数据处理。-fpga usb interface system design example, the realization of the usb communications, control-related devices to complete high-speed data acquisition, storage, data processing....

FPGA realization of analog-digital AD controller system is an important part of the

Contain accurate idea of how to implement AD Controller introduced the relevant indicator of Ad controller  Verilog write   complete test platform   ISE synthesis report timing simulation simulation report development environment (Xilinx) FPGA typical module build system is indispensa...

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