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Ethernet 10GE MAC

The 10GE MAC Core implements the Media Access Control functions for 10Gbps operation as defined in IEEE Std 802.3ae. ...


DE2_70_D5M_LTM mainly in the DE2-70 development of a video capture and LTM displayed on the platform process, the platform can be used as image processing and graphics hardware, the system can be improved and extended, such as video surveillance systems...

Gaussian Random number generator (hardware implemented)

This is hardware implemented Gaussian random number generator based on the article attached in the folder "Document" The system is based on the Ziggurat Gaussin random algorithm and implemented when I was under-graduate. Although it is not my original system, it is so helpful cause I can acquire a...

traffic light controler

交通灯控制芯片,该芯片具有如下功能:    (1)芯片采用SMIC 0.18工艺设计,外部采用5V电源供电,内部添加LDO模块使内部数字电路采用1.8V 的VDD、模拟电路采用3.3V VCC。    (2)芯片控制两组交通灯:X组...

ufm demo about lattice CPLD

ufm demo about lattice CPLD , use this project, can use the inter flash about lattice CPLD...

Simple 32bit RISC CPU core

I am INHA Univ student at South korea. This is project result of coumputer architecture.IT's CPU Core, 32bit RISC system. It can be opreated at 300 MIPS. 1cycle / 1instruction system.It propose Simple Harvard Architecture. and Do simple Arithmetic logic....

Priority Based Scheduling

I have done a scheduling Algorithm based on the priority of the Process. Because the scheduling is the most important thing in nowadays to perform the better  Operating Speed. Hence i designed the Algorithm for scheduling in verilog which is based on Priority of that process....

Finger print recognition

Finger print recognition using wavelet transform for feature extraction.. thinning using threshold and matching using hamming distance.....

Original verilog 16 bit risc cpu, with associated PPT and testbench

Original verilog 16 bit risc cpu, with associated PPT and testbenchThe conflict has not yet been processed, the code is relatively simple, easy to learn the new, post-conflict, after all, the code will be much more complicated.Continue to focus on me!So I do optimization and conflict treatment, will...

micro sd card interface(sdmode)

This code implements an SD card interface driver functions is realized in sdmode read and write rates of 50Mbps, you can also add additional commands to sketch rates of 100Mbps, and file systems can be realized in this interface easily on the basis, so as to achieve the required functionality for yo...

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