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DE2_70_D5M_LTM mainly in the DE2-70 development of a video capture and LTM displayed on the platform process, the platform can be used as image processing and graphics hardware, the system can be improved and extended, such as video surveillance systems...

fixpoint to real function in verilog

This function need to be written at the end of your module or in your test bench ,shows you the real number of your fix point ....

DE2 based direct digital synthesis (DDS) design

DDS based on sampling theorem, first of all need to generate waveforms are sampled, the sampled value is quantized into a lookup table, and then read the data via the address, then d/a converters are analog. To output a sine wave as an example, a is the amplitude, use multipliers to get, we mainly c...

97 Wavelet _2D_2Level

97 Wavelet _2D_2Level FPGA implementation of applicable 97 lifting Wavelet transform and contains a full 97 small will transform and inverse transform...

Realization of multi-CPU cycle computers

Multi-cycle CPU source code verilog have to write their own instruction Simulation 22Job more perfect computer organization courses unfounded experiments on writing their own implementation, code a little complicated...

Nios2 based pattern lamp

Qsys-based design of embedded soft core, top module design based on Quartus, nios2 and the use of simple c language implementation patterns in light of the program. Experimental hurricane is the second generation of the chip, and EP2C8Q208C8 development boards....

network on chip

Design deals with minimizing the router port from five port to three port so that we can save power and area....

Cursor procedures _verilog

Move the cursor program for newcomers to learn for newcomers to enhance their ability to better, the couple quickly grasp the basic idea of writing programs....

7 segments display on Nexys 4

This is an easy way to create a verilog module for 7 segments purpose, is very easy to read and it can be tested on your nexys 4 FPGA....

VGA display based on Verilog programs, easy to understand

This is using someone else's source code modifications for their own, are relatively easy to understand and implement FPGA image displayed on the external monitor through VGA display interface, the code is simple and easy, suitable for beginners, it is necessary to take it and use it, open the proje...

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