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1 bit adpcm codec :: Overview

Audio Codec(ADPCM 1-Bit)  The code is ready for Altera Cyclone-II DE1 Starter board and it is tested, you can modify codes and use them in any project.  Core Description:  Sampling Frequency: 44100Hz  Channels: Stereo  Bit-rate: 1 Bit Per Sample(So it is: 44.1 * 2 = 8...

Serial spontaneous resumption procedures

Serial received a spontaneous test functions, development environments quartus12.1 Baud rate setting 9600bps, available for testing of the Development Board serial port functions....

Ethernet 1000

In PVI receives 16 bit parallel digital stream ( video) , followed by a clock signal (Ft = 29 MHz) , lowercase (LINE) and personnel (FRAME) sync .Record information in PVI should occur on the rising edge of the clock Ft.Horizontal sync pulse "covers" a useful video broadcast via Ethernet....

aderr about 4 bits

this file .rar it a proyect about the adder of 4 - bit this proyect use to 12 in and 4 out, for your proyect....

7*7 Crossbar using verilog

This is verilog code for implementing crossbar using verilog. This has 7 inpu and 7 outputs...

Chip Controller

Chip Controller consists of a Control unit, 16 bit ALU with Memory Unit which executes various arithmetic and logical operations.This is simulated by using verilog in XILINX ISE Simulator. A detailed document is given and code for design of chip controller is  included....

adding two 8 bit numbers

simple code for adding two numbers. get two numbers and enable as input. And if enable is true, perform addition else output high impedance value....

Hamming code

hamming encoder for 16bit is written in verilog language, which will run successfully in Xlinx tool and gives result.Basically hamming encoder is used in communication filed , which encrypts the data and transmits to the receiver which helps in data security. ...

virterbi decoder with pwm

A Viterbi decoder uses the Viterbi algorithm for decoding a bitstream that has been encoded using a convolutional code.There are other algorithms for decoding a convolutionally encoded stream (for example, the Fano algorithm). The Viterbi algorithm is the most resource-consuming, but it does the max...

Zoom in

Application backgroundThe background is the DE2-70 board, use the VGA line, and then switch as the zoom buttonSW3 zoom buttonSW2 control vertical horizontal amplificationSW1 control 2 times or 4 timesNeed to take the VGA to use the screen outputKey TechnologyPart of the technology, the output of the...

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