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Movie title synthesis software

This software is written with c++ language and development environment for BCB. Multiple subtitles merged into one complete title, and automatically adjusted subtitles timeline. Also see similar software before, but does not automatically adjust the timeline feature....

Example code that uses ffmpeg lib

Under the Windows Mobile 5 platform, based on the ffmpeg open source lib Media Player source code to support h. 264,AVI,MP3 and other video formats using VS2005 project. Interface maps more drinks, fairly complete, use WM5 SDK, use GX. Lib library...

Barnsley's Fern with OpenGL

This project is written in OpenGL.It displays Barnsley's Fern and the user can move it in the monitor holding down the left button of the mouse.What's more, the user can activate a menu pressing down the right mouse button and insert different numbers which are the population of points that con...

source code 3d text

this file include form & source code project about 3 dimension does any sentence in vb. it is usefull for website and other project for attractive and beautifull theme...

zoom with vb

this file include vbp and frm file about zooming in desktop by vb it is usefull for teaching and learninig how to work with programming mouse and screen...


this file contain source code application program calculator in vb. files are form and project and style in win xp...

Gobang source code

The programming for the chess people, the two sides have one lined up for five wins. Design a game variable (between 3 to 9), used to control the size of the display panel, which the user can select the build 3x3 to the 9x9 Board....

software paint

software paint by vb . it's usefull in teaching vb to students. this software likes software paint windows XP...

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer sed dui massa. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Quisque eu massa tortor. Sed adipiscing quam vel nisl fringilla hendrerit. Ut auctor neque vel pellentesque dignissim. Vestibulu...

Mouse Controller

Historically, MouseKeys supported GUI programs when many terminals had no dedicated pointing device. As pointing devices became ubiquitous, the use of mouse keys narrowed to situations where a pointing device was missing, unusable, or inconvenient. Such situations may arise from the following:...

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