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Based on SDL snake game program

Based on SDL snake game programs, Windows, Cygwin, Linux are compiled through...

C++ music player supports synchronized lyrics display

VC++The Mp3 Music Player (supports synchronized lyrics display.) RAR...

QR code generation and recognition

QRCODE QR code encoding and decoding procedures developed by VC, 1) distribution using Active x DLL.  2) including file: ø EnCodePdf.dll//PDF417 code DLL dynamic link library ø EnDataMatrix.dll ø EnCodeQr.dll//Qr_Code code//DataMatrix ø Wcomp.dll//image compression coding dynamic link libra...

MP4 file analysis tool

Get MP4 file media information, including the file name, length of the audio and video format, video resolution, video coding, audio coding formats using recursive parsing the MP4 box, use: myMp4Info.exe   inputFile.mp4; main file myMp4Info.cpp....

Huffman encoding and decoding in JAVA

This is my report for my Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms class. The Huffman Code is the algorithm behind file compression and decompression. The idea of this algorithm is to create a variable length coding system such that frequent characters will have shorter codes as opp...


the file has matlab source code to detect motion and track multiple moving objects. Replace "sample.avi" in the source code with your video file in matlab script and run...

3ds max effect of water

3ds max various particle effects of water suitable for beginners please download the simplest to understand the positive effects of the various particles West 3ds max water suitable for beginners Please actively download, very simple...

background subtraction with lbp

This m-file implements the mixture of Gaussians algorithm for background subtraction by using local binary patterns. first, the binary patterns of the first frame of video frame is computed. second, we calculate the histograms models of lbp in circular regions of different radius around ea...

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