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mp4 mux/demuxn library

1.libmp4v2 compliled in VC2.It may pack the MP4 container,3gp,mov containers compatible3.Support H.264/mpeg4/aac, local format and the streaming media rtp, udp and other ip transmission services...

Network audio player system

Application backgroundComplete the network audio resources to the local, and convert, and simultaneously can achieve synchronous playback.Key TechnologyDownload network audio resources to localSimultaneous downloading of multiple threadsDownload the same time audio format conversionReal time broadca...

Bass Delphi music player supports the display spectrum

Application background  Delphi; use bass to produce a music player that supports the spectrum to display the synchronization   contains all the source code and the real column.Key TechnologyUsing the system   bass.dll production of the music player   and synchronous display spectr...

Bass music engine, used to play music with Bass

Application backgroundPlay MP3, the general reduction of the degree is not good, Delphi is more common components, bass   can solve all these problems;Key TechnologyBass music engine, used to play music using Bas, most playing MP3 sound effect restores...


Application backgroundA player based on MFC, Mediaplayer, supports many video formats ~-Key TechnologyA partial list of files (click the file name to see the file contents)Stdafx.cppResource.hMediaplayer.rcMediaplayer.hActivemovie3.hMediaplayerdlg.cppMediaplayer.dspMediaplayerdlg.hSkinmagiclib.hRoun...

AS3, sound player

Application backgroundThe sound of the sound or the play library can be....

AS3, file upload class

Application backgroundFile upload class and sample, take the past can be used directly. With PHP or Java background use. This is just AS3 code....

Online web analysis player

Application backgroundAnalysis of the music site to get online MP3 address, full play interface and features, support for the custom play list after the search and play, can be used to learn windows player controls and web processing and interface editing (entry level)...

music player

Application backgroundThis music player I used two interface, based on the QMediaPlaylist QMediaPlayer, QT5 class to achieve multimedia player, to achieve a simple playback of songs, the next one, the last one, suspended. There are many loopholes. Function is not fully realized....

QT simple music player

Application backgroundTEMPLATE = appTARGET = musicplayerQT = widgets multimedia winextrasHEADERS = \Musicplayer.h \Volumebutton.hSOURCES = \Main.cpp \Musicplayer.cpp \Volumebutton.cppRESOURCES = \Musicplayer.qrcRC_ICONS = images/musicplayer.icoTarget.path = $$[QT_INSTALL_EXAMPLES]/winextras/musicpla...

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